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Ü Read ó Elephants on Acid: And Other Bizarre Experiments by Alex Boese Þ Great book, really interesting science experiments that have been performed Well worth a read.
A very unusual book with load of different experiments which are crazy and very interesting, written in way that very easy to read This is far too long, sorry This was the first book I took out of the college library when we first started and HAD to take out something during the demo of how the system worked Those first few weeks in college most people are trying to make friends, frantically socialising with strangers trying to find somewhere to fit in One of my most memorable memories from college for some reason was that same day, when I started reading this book during the break between lessons I didn t know anyone, and i m socially awkward and bad with people so I just decided to sit at the bottom of one of the stairwells, on a bench in a cosy little corner I pretty much picked the book at random, but was really surprised how enjoyable it was It s full of bizarre stories of experiments gone wrong, or sometimes even worryingly, experiments gone right Someone I had known from school before spotted me and with a little group of random people I didn t know, asked if I wanted to go hang with them.
I said nah.
I didn t want to pause reading the book I just started the titled chapter that bought my attention to the book in the first place, some nutter giving LSD to an elephant, I couldn t stop now I look back on that now and always think seriously Anyway, I just thought i d share that because to me it shows how intriguing it can be Years later, I have my own copy on my shelf and bought another here recently for a friend of mine who likes the wacky side to science and psychology mad scientist material themselves to be honest They loved it too.
I m yet to read the other one that came after this, have been saving it for a reading reward for getting through something a bit boring I d recommend them if you are casually interested in science and or psychology The sections themselves are short, but a lot of sources references are given at the back so that you can look into anything further if you wanted to.
Alex Boese makes reading science fun and entertaining This book aims to be easy reading and thus does not overload with facts or details but rather gives you enough to understand what is happening in each experiment It keeps each chapter short and fun, and thus is able to cover lots of different aspects of experimentation.
This is a fantastic book, and I d recommend to anyone who enjoys science experiments, or just wants a few interesting facts to amuse and entertain with.
Great quality stories, and very well written.
A wonderful collection of entertaining experiments, some that I knew about but mostly unknown to me.
Three experiments that I particularly enjoyed were the attempts to create a man ape hybrid, the experiment to cure a gay man, and the experiment that made a straight man think he was actually gay Educational as well as fun.
When Tusko The Elephant Woke In His Pen At The Lincoln Park Zoo On The Morning Of August , , Little Did He Know That He Was About To Become The Test Subject In An Experiment To Determine What Happens To An Elephant Given A Massive Dose Of LSD In Elephants On Acid, Alex Boese Reveals To Readers The Results Of Not Only This Scientific Trial But Of Scores Of Other Outrageous, Amusing, And Provocative Experiments Found In The Files Of Modern ScienceWhy Can T People Tickle Themselves Would The Average Dog Summon Help In An Emergency Will Babies Instinctually Pick A Well Balanced Diet Is It Possible To Restore Life To The Dead read Elephants On Acid And Find Out Intriguing and entertaining list of odd experiments.
Interesting but ok Bought for present, but looked pretty good from the bits I read.