[Jan Lindenberger] À Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids®: The 1980s [zen PDF] Read Online ì g-couture.co.uk

[Jan Lindenberger] À Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids®: The 1980s [zen PDF] Read Online ì The Cabbage Patch Kid Craze Started In The s, And Continued Into The s, Where It Is Perpetuated By A Strong Community Of Collectors This Excellent Book Picks Up The Story At The Start Of The s, Where The Authors Successful First Book Left Off It Shows The Full Line Of Kids Produced By Hasbro From , Including Birthday Kids, Kissin Kids, And The th Anniversary Dolls All The Kids Produced By Mattel Between Are Here As Well, Including OlympiKids, Snacktime Kids, And The Keepsake Collection The Book Also Features Pets, With Lots Of Valuable Information About The Adorable Koosas The Authors Have Included An Excellent Photo Reference For Head Molds Used Through Both The s And s Learn To Recognize Fakes And Altered Kids In The Marketplace, And See Some Creative Ways To Turn Shabby Flea Market Finds Into Beautiful Kids Again A good book for collectors, now out of print, images are fuzzy but print quality back in the day was not so sharp Due to it s age, although brand new to me, the spine glue had obviously perished a bit and so the book became unbound both at the front and back I used No More Nails glue with a fine paint brush to fix good as new.
This book catalogues styles and different head mold kids.
My second wife a shrew of a woman if ever there were one blessed me with three little kippers and each bore a strong resemblence to a cabbage patch kid Note the woman had the largest cranium I ve seen prior to Shreck This encyclopedia was invaluable during the difficult child naming process and has been a nostalgic reference these passing years since the harlot took the kids and the pudgy judge awarded palimony to Kansas in order to follow some religious kook and raise the bigheads in an upright environment I miss them occasionally, and when I do, I shed my tears with this fine book by my side Thank you Schiffer Design books.
This book gives the complete picture of cabbage patch kid collecting I haven t seen a overall picture of the dolls anywhere It is a fantastic guide not only for the new collector, but also for the expert Thank you.
Super bouquins qui me ram nent quelques heures dans mes r ves d enfants.
Cela aurait t un plus qu ils soient galement traduits en fran ais Muy bien, mucha informaci n y con muchas fotograf as, realmente una gu a muy completa.
Lleg a tiempo y bien empacada.
I love this Book Lots of Information and pictures If you love CPK this is the Book for you.
Awesome book with TONS of information and photos Much like the other one I got good Picts different dolls though then the other book b c different decades I love having this to go by with my collect.