Trailer ¼ Exercise Physiology: Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance PDF by × William D. McArdle BS M.Ed PhD

Trailer ¼ Exercise Physiology: Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance PDF by × William D. McArdle BS M.Ed PhD This Textbook Integrates Basic Concepts And Relevant Scientific Informationto Provide A Foundation For Understanding Nutrition, Energy Transfer, And Exercise Training The New Sixth Edition Continues To Provide Excellent Coverage Of Exercise Physiology, Uniting The Topics Of Human Performance, Nutrition, Energy Expenditure And Capacity, Molecular Biology, And Every Chapter Has Been Fully Revised And Updated To Reflect The Latest Information The Updated Full Color Art Program Adds Visual Appeal And Improves Understanding Of Key Topics LiveAdvise Online Faculty Support Andstudent Tutoring Services Are Available Free With The Text A Bound In CD ROM Contains Questions To Help Students Prepare For Exams A Connection Website Provides Additional Faculty And Student Resources The book is in perfect condition, HAAAAZZZAAAAAAAHHHHH

As a physical therapist exercise trainer I m constantly bombarded with books on exercise This textbook addresses much of what an exercise physiologist knows with solid science, clearly written, enlivened with quiet good humor as evidenced by appealing asides The lungs of an average sized person would cover a surface of 60 to 80 square meters, the authors tell us, which is what you d expect from a textbook Then they go on to note this area would be sufficient to cover almost half a tennis court or an entire badminton court giving us not one but two vivid analogies to make the informationmemorable This largess speaks of authors who are not just able scientists, but apt teachers This generosity extends to the wonderful illustrations although some of them abound in a somewhat distracting rainbow of superfluous background colors The common sense discussion of many popular fitness subjects, from exercise selection to steroids to nutrition, make it not just a classic text but good reading for any consumer reeling from the latest fitness marketing.
This book is a great help in understanding what is happening within the body conerning sports training and nutrition It is based on uncountable research studies and presented in a very readable form with ample graphics illustrations The book helped me not only to understand , but also to improve fitness and even loose some weight It goes very far beyond compared to what one gets told in fitness centers The main approach of the book is based on energy considerations Understanding how the body handles energy makes it possible to describe the effects of exercising and performance muchdeeply I would recommend this book to every exerciser, who likes to improve physically and understand background matters Basically, it s a textbook for sports students But people outside, like myself, can greatly benefit from it, as well.