ä FKA USA: A Novel ñ Download by î Reed King

ä FKA USA: A Novel ñ Download by î Reed King I am 1 3 finished, and will read the entire book Good premise, well thought out, good dialogue BUT Throughout, instead of might ve, would ve, could ve, we get might of, would of, and could of A If this is a mistake born of ignorance, it is atrocious and unforgivable B if this was a conscious choice, then OMG, how pointless Such gimmicks only slow a reader down, and tells us that the author didn t trust the quality of his writing Horrible PS the ending was abrupt and pointless, and, of course, ending less.
A thoroughly confusing book whose chapters are strung together with foul language The characters are shallow and not especially evoking of sympathy except for the goat I slogged forward for 200 pages, then I gave up and skipped to the end to see how and if the thing ended All in all, two quotes from the fictitious advanced praise on the dust jacket sum this book up makes for great kindling and no idea how it made it to print The author uses a pseudonym I would too if I had perpetrated this novel I am so disappointed in, and I think so little of this book that I cannot even give it away to our Friends of the Library bookstore My copy is our recycling bin awaiting tomorrow s pick up.

It feels like there s a footnote every paragraph sometimes this doesn t make for a good Kindle experience.
The dialog, language, and grammar are utterly off putting There must be a hundred uses of would of done this and could of used that it s not in realm patois it s just cringeworthy And, as another reviewer noted, the analogies are at the ten year old level.
FKA sort of wants to be Idiocracy meets Snow Crash and Fallout hyperbranding and anarchic post Internet stuff , but it doesn t succeed Every page is an overwhelming blast of unnecessary and verbose glitz The narrative is wholly underwhelming, and the whole experience is a pricey trip to nowhere I cannot believe it s been opted for a screenplay Shudder If I wrote this, I d use a pen name too.
Decent effort, I guess However, if you are used to good writing, good plot development, plausible futuristic scenarios, don t waste your time and money I am forever frustrated by the reviewers who claimed this novel was brilliant or wonderful Money poorly spent.
Mr King Looks At All Our Upcoming Problems, And Imagines A Local Reaction To Each One The Result Is Often Funny, Usually Sardonic, And Always Imaginative, What With All The Mole Rats, Flesh Drones, Dimeheads, And Especially The Grifters Guide To The Territories FKA USA, A Notable Addition To The Line Of Imaginary Authorities The Wall Street JournalIndie Next Pick For JulyBest Of June Io, AV Club, Amazing Stories, The VergeReed Kings Amazingly Audacious Novel Is Something Of A Cross Between L Frank Baums The Wizard Of Oz, Douglas Adamss A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Cormac McCarthys The Road, And Ernest Clines Ready Player OneIn Reed Kings Wildly Imaginative And Possibly Prescient Debut, The United States Has Dissolved In The Wake Of Environmental Disasters And The Catastrophic Policies Of Its Final President It Is , And Truckee Wallace, A Factory Worker In Crunchtown Formerly Little Rock, Arkansas, Before The Secessions , Has No Grand Ambitions Besides Maybe, Possibly, Losing His Virginity SomedayBut When Truckee Is Thrust Unexpectedly Into The Spotlight He Is Tapped By The President For A Sensitive Political Mission To Deliver A Talking Goat Across The Continent The Fate Of The World Depends Upon ItThe Problem IsTruckees Not Sure Its Worth ItJoined On The Road By An Android Who Wants To Be Human And A Former Convict Lobotomized In Texas, Truckee Will Navigate An Environmentally Depleted And Lawless Continent With Devastatingand Hilariousparallels To Our Own, Dodging Body Pickers And Elvis Worshippers And Logo Girls, Body Subbers, And VR Addicts Elvis Willing, He May Even Lose His Virginity FKA USA Is The Epic Novel Weve All Been Waiting For About The American End Of Times, With Its Unavoidable Sense Of Being On The Wrong End Of The Roller Coaster Ride It Is A Masterwork Of Ambition, Humor, And Satire With The Power To Make Us Cry, Despair, And Laugh Out Loud All At Once It Is A Tour De Force Unlike Anything Else You Will read This Year