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[Joan Hinds] Ï F&W Media Krause -All Dolled Up [drawing PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ If you re looking for Dolly and Me projects similar to the one pictured on the cover, don t buy this book The cover dress, which is by far the cutest thing in the book, is NOT included in the child size Also patterns for the pajamas, the jeans, the leggings, the capri pants, and the T Shirt portion of the T Shirt dress are NOT included in the child size With the exception of the cover dress, the patterns in this book are simple and uninspiring Most of patterns have no interesting features they look homemade I ve only been sewing for a couple years, but I don t need a pattern to sew a rectangle, put shoulder straps on it, and call it a jumper Similarly, the tiered skirt is rectangles gathered to an elastic waist You can find oodles of blogs and tutorials on the Internet with instructions for sewing such things FOR FREE I can concede that this approach might be helpful for very young sewists who want to make their own doll clothes But the book certainly isn t marketed for young sewists I thought purchasing this book would be economical than purchasing a bunch of doll and girl patterns individually And I trusted the names Joan Hinds and Nancy Zieman For the number of interesting Dolly AND ME patterns in this book, it is certainly not worth the 19 I paid for it An earlier poster mentioned Martha Pullen is selling it for 5 that might be reasonable.
For your information, here are the projects in the book 1 T Shirt Dress2 Tiered Skirt3 Corduroy Jumper4 Flowered Party Dress from the cover 5 T Shirts for Doll6 Capri Pants it s an integral part of the dress On both the bodice and the skirt, it is a band sewn in with seam allowances What I m saying is that if you plan to skip the trim or to replace it with piping or ric rac or some other thing that doesn t ADD LENGTH, you will end up with a bodice and a skirt that are BOTH shortened, and a dress that is like a tunic Ask me how I know I haven t yet made the dress exactly as shown, with the two trim pieces at the proper length, but even when I do, I still plan to add a smidge to the bottom of the main bodice and the main skirt because it just seems that short Notice in the picture how the young girl s hands cover the doll s knees so that you don t notice that the dress does NOT reach the knees.
Stylish Outfits For Girls And Their Dolls A Girl And Her Doll Are Fast Friends Indeed Add In Coordinating Outfits, And Nothing Could Be Cuter You Can Make Adorable Coordinating Outfits For The Girl In Your Life And The Doll In Hers With The Help Of All Dolled Up From Flowered Party Dresses, Summer Tops And Capri Pants To Fleece Vests And Messenger Bags, The Projects Inside All Dolled Up Provide Easy, Fun And Fashionable Outfits For Every Season And Time Of DayMake Different Outfits Including Dress Up Clothes, Casual Wear, Pajamas And AccessoriesCreate The Clothing Using Full Size Patterns For All Of The Doll Projects And Many Of The Girl ProjectsLearn Time Saving Techniques For Creating Clothing For Inch Dolls, Making Any Outfit In Minutes Or LessWatch The Techniques In Action With Author Joan Hinds And Nancy Zieman On The Bonus DVDLearn Even Tips And Techniques From Nancy Zieman In Her Notes From Nancy Throughout The BookMaking Matching Outfits For Your Girl And Her Doll Is Easy And Fun With All Dolled Up Video DVD Player Or Software Required To View Enclosed DVD We really like this book and are looking forward to many happy hours of sewing One major disappointment is the girl s dress featured on the cover is not included in the book and that was one of the reasons we purchased the book The outfits are cute and modern and easy to sew especially if you are a beginner As well, various options for each outfit are given which helps get the creative juices flowing I feel overall the book is well done.
Several cute projects, but the few I was really looking forward to making didn t actually include patterns for the girls sized clothing, just for the dolls Why would I buy a book to make clothes from only to be told to go out and shop for a pattern anyway I could ve just bought the patterns for the price of the book and worked out the doll patterns myself If you don t mind having to shop for additional patterns, or you really only want to make the doll clothes, this might be a great buy I know how to draft patterns from scratch, so I m sure I can get use out of this as inspiration for my own designs, but for someone without those skills this may not be the book for you.
The selling point for this book is the promise of matching projects to make for a girl and her 18 doll But after reading through the patterns, there are really only about 3 or 4 which are interesting and attractive enough to make.
With the dresses, the majority of the projects use a simple gathered tunic skirt construction, so they basically all look alike In fact, all of the dresses except the cover dress require a t shirt for the girl and doll, which adds to the repetitive feeling The cutest dress is the one on the cover, and as others have mentioned this dress pattern is not included in the book.
The casual outfits are interesting, but again, the most interesting project pajamas does not have a girl pattern included in the book.
The book is geared toward new sewists, and the intro section is a fun read for beginners The author has a few tips and tricks to make sewing faster, but really those are tips that can be found in many places There is little attention to finishing details, so for sewists who are slightly beyond the beginner level it can be a little frustrating.
The included DVD is very short, and plays like a commercial for the book They do go into the construction of a few projects, but very superficially, maybe showing the cut pieces, referencing some specific feature repurposed jeans, the order of sewing seams, ways to embellish, etc and then show the final piece Since the book is so geared to beginners, I would have imagined that they would have shown much step by step detail on an outfit or two There are better YouTube tutorials out there.
All in all, the book is fun to leaf through and I was inspired by a couple of the projects It is not nearly as complete or satisfying as I was hoping, though.
My big idea for my two girls 5 and 2 this year for Christmas was to buy a doll, make matching clothes for the girls and the dolls Had to order this book I love it because for me new to the sewing machine and pattern reading the added dvd of how to make most of the things in the book is so easy to understand The only let down I had was for the pattern of the party dress on the front cover, there is no pattern for the girl only the doll It instructs you to buy a certain pattern Other than that I have no complaints I have started making the tote bags that carry the dolls It s so fun to pick colors and match things I know each girl will love It takes time and effort to figure it all out but I m certain on Christmas morning it will be worth it all Thank you Mrs Joanna for taking something that seemed so difficult and breaking it down for us beginners.

Outfits for doll and child that everyone will want to make The full size patterns are a bonus so you don t have to measure them Accurate and perfect fitting patterns.
Great idea The only problem was that my girls are bigger than the kid sized patterns Maybe it says that in the description I don t remember.