[Captain J.C.F. Adams] ë Firearms Log: The User-Friendly Gun Owner’s Inventory Book [cw-bentonville PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ g-couture.co.uk

[Captain J.C.F. Adams] ë Firearms Log: The User-Friendly Gun Owner’s Inventory Book [cw-bentonville PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ The author markets this same book with three different covers All three of them have a mismatch between the custom firearms index and the corresponding page numbers He skips page 76 in the index and has references for two different firearms on page 84.
This is sloppy work and you may have problems getting your guns back if they are stolen and you hand this book over to the police because of the indexing problems.
A must for any firearms owner.
Bought 2 of them, one for me and one for fiance I like the fact you can put a picture with each firearm so does my fiance I ve filled up half the book but have plenty of room for Fiance only has 4 firearms now but will be adding She liked that it was straight forward easy to understand We both highly recommend

Good logbook Make sure you use a regular ballpoint pen, as a fine Sharpie and similar pens bleed thru the paper Space for a photo is a plus which is useful for high value guns.
Was a gift and they liked it.
Great book for anyone The Firearms Log Is Vital For Any Owner Of Any Type Of Firearm This Book Has Been Designed To Be An Important Accessory For Anyone Who Owns Firearms It Gives You A Record Of The Important Specifics Of Each Of Your Firearms That Will Enable Quick Identification In The Event Of A Theft, Fire Or Other Situation Your Collection Will Be Documented So You Will Have All The Information Needed For Insurance Or Police Anyone Who Owns Firearms Should Have This Book With Enough Room For Firearms, There Is Even Space To Include A Photograph Of Each Gun Along With Key Information Such As Manufacturer, Model Number, Serial Number, Type, Action, Caliber Gauge, Finish, Date Acquired, Etc There Is Even A Specific An Area To Note Insurance Information PLUS A Quick Reference Section To Your Firearms Basically An Owner Created Table Of Contents With The Firearms Log , You Ll Easily Put Together A Consolidated, Comprehensive Listing Of Firearm Specifics That Will Enable Quick Identification And Ease The Burden Of Proof Should It Become Necessary Get This Book For Yourself And For Any Family Member Or Friend Who Owns Than One Firearm It S The Smart And Responsible Way To Keep Track Of A Gun Collection