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[ Read Online Forfeit ✓ x-men PDF ] by Dick Francis Þ Dame Agatha Christie and Her PeersBOOK 23CAST 5 stars James Tyrone Ty is a newspaper writer for the Sunday Blaze and is married to Elizabeth, a polio victim who is 90% paralyzed Their relationship alone, here, is done so beautifully I d give this novel 5 stars for the cast if there was ONLY Ty and Elizabeth But this novel is packed with fascinating people Luke John Morton is Ty s editor, Derry Clark is Ty s fellow writer Bert Chekov writes columns about horses for another publication There is the Lamplighter Race coming up and some participants are Harry Hunterson who won his horse, Egocentric in a raffle and his wife Sarah and their beautiful daughter Gail Victor Roncy Pa who is the owner trainer of Tiddely Pom a favorite to win the Lamplighter Gold Cup and his wife Madge who absolutely ROCKS during the actual race and their five sons and Norton Fox is the owner trainer of Zig Zag Fox has a fascinating back story about a previous horse, Brevity Dermot Finnegan is a small time jockey riding a small time horse in the Lamplighter Race and he has recently suffered a race injury You re gonna like all these people for various reasons, and at the end of the book, as the race commences, it s really hard to root for just one horse owner Then there is Charlie Boston who owns a number of betting shopsand his goons who are very, very bad people Sensational heroes and rotten villians and a Fantastic LOVE STORY It s hard to improve on a cast like this ATMOSPHERE 4 stars Francis has done a better job in the past 2 novels I ve read at taking us into the stables and into horse training and I was confused at a couple of terms antepost betting, for example and I m not sure if a 4 Day Stage actually exists declaration day to put horses in races 4 days before the actual race for all English races, for a limited number, or just for Francis to up the suspense But up the suspense it does The descriptions of the impact of polio on Elizabeth are handled just right and I learned much about this illness which, thankfully, has almost disappeared from the world due to science yea, that kind of science for which there was a Congressional hearing concerning climate change and a testifying 14 y o girl was asked, by a US Congressperson, Why should we believe in science Her jaw dropped then she answered, Because it s science You see, here in America, science and climate change is all fake I d have answered, well, stand up on your desk, Congressperson, and jump off, head firstwould someone call an ambulance please Francis also takes us into newspaper rooms and betting and how really bad people make a ton of money on fixed type races.
PLOT CRIME 3 Ty notices that as of late, Bert Chekov has praised a large number of horses who were withdrawn from races about to occur, but after huge amounts of money had been through the betting process That means the owner of the betting shops keeps the money Bert had been drinking a lot recently, and suddenly decides to take a leap out of a high floor and dies in the opening chapter on the street right in front of Ty Naturally, Ty wants to know why, and Ty also realizes there is some kind of sensational story to be written I can t give this element a higher rating than 3 stars though because I didn t believe that 1 Ty would spill so much knowledge so soon and to all the wrong people as I didn t think he was that stupid and 2 Ty meets a villain or 2, but afterwards still trusts any ol stranger Francis throws in some coincidences that are oddly explained Oh, this could have been a brilliant 5 star sting type plot, but there are plot holes.
INVESTIGATION 2 stars As stated, Ty does some stupid things for the sake of suspense and I just didn t believe some of it And when Ty brags, in a newspaper article, that he has almost caught the villians, well, that was a jaw dropping moment for me NO, wouldn t happen Early, and on page 61 in my edition, someone says, They said then a phone rings and we never learn anything I don t like that kind of trick authors play just when the reader is about to learn something, there is a knock or a ring or some kind of interuption and for some reason nobody ever gets back to the conversation.
RESOLUTION 3 The race is absolutely thrilling And do the villians get what they deserve I liked those parts of the story But I found the last paragraph detestable I think you will also.
4 This is a very good story but with a plot hole or 2 and a writer, Ty, who just can t be that stupid There is another point I didn t like at all, and it has to do with Elizabeth, but that would reveal too much, so I ll just say that overall, this is good entertainment which could have been so much better Not that I personally could write better than Francis, although I think I could perhaps improve on the plot a bit.
As a long term Dick Francis reader I would like to say what a refreshing departure this book was I ve been used to the hardy resistance displayed by his heroes, but only in a singular, insular way Here we have a singularly tortured individual, tied, by love, to his crippled wife, tormented by than the nasty criminals who are trying to bludgeon their way to success A thoroughly engaging read which firmly involves the reader with sympathy driving the hero on to success, not in any way deterred by how long ago the book was written Highly recommend, even in 2019.

Also this Dick Francis was exciting, even if ran next to the racecourse than on the racecourse This time investigates a journalist unrealities in the horse betting On a large scale, bets on horses are placed in advance, but shortly before the start these horses are deducted from the race The bets always go to the same person, since the regulations do not provide for a return of the wagers made Who is behind these mafia bets and how can this person be caught With what means of pressure are the horse owners blackmailed so that they do not let their horses start The journalist puts himself and his loved one in the greatest danger.
Exciting from the beginning to the end.
Synopsis blurb.
Bert Checkov was a Fleet Street racing correspondent with an unnerving talent for tipping non starters for big races But the advice he gave James Tyrone, a few minutes before he fell to his death, was of a completely different nature Not one for the quiet life, Tyrone has a bloodhound s nose for trouble and pretty soon he s caught up in an increasingly dangerous game One that threatens him, his crippled wife and the credibility of the racing world Blowing the roof off is the number one policy of The Sunday Blaze and Tyrone has stumbled upon explosive material A superb chiller and killer New York Times Book Review My first introduction to Dick Francis and his thrillers set in the world of horse racing This offering was the recipient of the 1970 Edgar Award for best novel, with the author having been a runner up in each of the 3 preceding years.
The book was quite entertaining Tyrone was likeable and sympathetic particularly in his efforts to care for his stricken wife and in the sacrifices he had made through the years since she contracted polio At the same time he was still quite driven in his need to delve deeper into the mystery of his friend, Bert Checkov s last words in the moments before he died That this investigation would put him and his wife in danger was a consideration, particularly as the pieces of the puzzle unfolded, but not a sufficient deterrent to his enquiries Tyrone s need to find physical release in the company of a woman, whilst remaining loyal and faithful to his invalid wife, was understandable if slightly disappointing Still, heroes have warts and failings just like the rest of us I enjoyed the book for the aspects of community shown in the horse racing environment, with nearly everyone knowing everyone else Francis realistically portrayed life in the lower echelons of the industry and glamorous it certainly isn t As a former champion jockey and the unfortunate rider of the Queen s Mother s ill fated mount Devon Loch in the Grand National, you would expect him to know the ins and outs of racing Having the skill and ability to transfer that experience and knowledge into written form shows a different quality I ll read of Francis and his horse racing thrillers in the future.
4 from 5I acquired my copy after swapping a book on the Readitswap it website.
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uk 2013 04 I hadn t read Forfeit in, oh, twenty years or something, until I recently picked it up and reread it As always, rereading is as enlightening as reading Forfeit is one of Francis s slighter works in many ways, but it gets added depth by the interactions between Ty the hero and his wife Elizabeth, who has been paralyzed by polio Rather than exciting scenes of horseback riding Ty doesn t ride once, and only occasionally goes to the races , the tension in the story is largely generated by Ty s conflict over his sexual desire, which hasn t gone anywhere with his wife s paralysis, and his desire to be faithful to the woman whom he still loves.
When I read the story as a teenager I was struck by the drama of the situation but had a hard time sympathizing with either character, both Ty s inner conflict and Elizabeth s fear that he would leave her over it, abandoning her to a life of utter dependency on strangers Having spent the past several years quite ill although not, thank God, completely paralyzed like Elizabeth yet, at least , I was struck on the reread how well Francis captured both characters emotional struggles As always, he had a sharp eye for detail and for character, conveying in a few well chosen phrases the agony that many writers about illness try and fail to convey in pages of purple prose.
The climactic action scene is also a gem I don t want to give away anything about it, but once again Francis takes the mundane and turns it into high drama Forfeit is probably not Francis s best work, but it s good, and well worth reading both because it s a compelling read and because of his insight into the experiences of people struggling with difficulties, disabilities, and physical helplessness, a common theme in his work that takes perhaps its most overt form here It s one of his domestic works, and probably one of his autobiographical books Ty is a journalist, like Dick was, and Mary Francis was briefly paralyzed, providing the inspiration for this story but it s never boring.
What is there to say about Dick Francis As I think about all of his books yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I ve read them all I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society either directly or indirectly The heroes aren t always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing world.
But than that, Francis s heroes are rational human beings The choices made are rational choices directed by a firm objective philosophy that belies all of Francis s novels The dialogue is clear and touched with humor no matter the intensity of evil that the hero faces The hero s thoughts reveal a vulnerability that is touching, while his actions are always based on doing the right thing to achieve justice Causing the reader to deeply care about the characters in a novel is a difficult thing to do No such worries in a Francis novel The point of view is first person, you are the main character as you read the story usually the character of Mr Douglas The hero is personable, like able, non violent but delivering swift justice with his mind rather than through physical means This is not to say that violence is a stranger to our hero Some of it staggering and often delivered by what we would think of normal persons living in British society.
You will come to love the world of Steeple Chase racing, you will grow a fondness for horses, stables, trainers and the people who live in that world You will read the books, devouring one after the other and trust me Dick Francis has a lot of novels over 40 by my last count.
There are several series woven into the fabric of Francis s work notably the Sid Halley and Kit Fielding series.
Assessment Dick Francis is one of my favorite writers I read his books with a fierce hunger that remains insatiable and I mourn his death.
This is the second Francis novel I ve read, and it showed that my enjoyment of Reflex was no fluke This is a strong suspense novel which, while set in and dependent upon the milieu of horse racing, does not require much in the way of previous knowledge I have no real affinity for horses, in any capacity though I do occasionally exclaim And I want a pony, but that s beside the point , and I was only occasionally left out by this.
As with many British mystery suspense novels of the time published in 1969 , the plot here centers on extortion and blackmail Our lead is a reporter at a weekly paper who covers the ponies and has a bit of a rep as a firebrand After the death of a colleague, a string of suspicious drop outs is uncovered Foul play or coincidence I ll let you guessThe plot is nothing ground breaking, and the characters, though enjoyable, are a bit thin There are some questionable ethics and gender politics, and the way race is handled, though progressive at the time, seems antiquated if not offensive Remember, many of these issues stem from the novel being nearly fifty years old.
On the other hand, the prose is clear and modern, the support cast is quite engaging, and the villains are convincing It is only fitting that a novel about racing should be expertly paced, and that is certainly the case here In fact, the prose and pacing read so thoroughly modern that the occasional mention of rotary phones or apartheid were jarring.
I must mention that this is not an action novel There is action, but in sparing doses Our protagonist is no muscular man at arms, nor is he an athlete He s a reporter, and so must rely on his wits when in over his head This is how the book shows its age, as most modern suspense novels rely much on visceral thrills The villains here are thugs, no terrorists, so don t expect elaborate gunfights.
This was an enjoyable read, one that certainly rewards the curious I am still too new to the author to judge this book in relation to his canon, but can safely say that, in tone, pacing and attitudes, it holds up much better than many of its contemporaries It has solidified Francis as, to me, an author worth exploring further.
Racing correspondent for a newspaper dedicated to exposing scandals in the noisiest way becomes involved in exposing a racing fraud while dealing with the problems of his marriage to a woman housebound by polio The main character is somewhat unlikable.
Amazing E Book, Forfeit By Dick Francis This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Forfeit, Essay By Dick Francis Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You classic Francis an investigative journalist tries to take down a group of crooks at the racetrack The usual confrontation where stubborness and brains overcomes brutality and greed A very touching love story elevates this volume slightly above other books by the author.