Trailer ↠´ Foundations of Professional Personal Training With DVD PDF by ½ Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. (Can-Fit-Pro)

Trailer ↠´ Foundations of Professional Personal Training With DVD PDF by ½ Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. (Can-Fit-Pro) Motivating And Guiding Others To A Healthy And Fit Lifestyle Are Your Passion As A Personal Trainer Your Challenge Is Shaping That Passion Into Consistent, High Quality Service To Succeed As A Personal Trainerand To Help Your Clients Succeedturn To Canfitpros Foundations Of Professional Personal Training It Is The Resource You Need To Build Not Only Your Fitness Expertise But Also Your Assessment Prowess, Communication Skills, And Business Knowledge Written By Canfitpro, A Certification And Continuing Education Provider For Canadian Fitness Professionals, Foundations Of Professional Personal Training Is The Manual Used For The Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist Certification Program The Text Includes The Essentials Of Fitness Theory And Practical Application, Client Assessment And Screening, Safety Considerations, And Program Design This Information Is Complemented By Chapters On The Business Of Personal Training, The Psychology Of Personal Training, And The Purpose And Goals Of Canfitpro Certification As Well As A Section On Evaluation Standards Plus, Two Photo Rich Appendixes Provide You With An Increased Repertoire Of Exercises To Share With Your Clients, IncludingCore Resistance Training Exercises With Two Or Three Variations And Progressions To Each AndStretches For Flexibility Included With The Book Is A Special Bonus DVD ROM Titled Essentials Of Interactive Functional Anatomy DVD Using AD Model Of The Human Musculature, IFA Essentials Provides A Vivid Review Of The Components Of Structural Anatomy This Interactive Interface Allows Participants To Rotate The Skeleton And Remove AllLayers Of Anatomyfrom Muscles Down To Bones It Is A Valuable Guide To Structural Anatomy For Personal Trainers At Any Stage Of Their Career Foundations Of Professional Personal Training And The Canfitpro Certification Process Will Prepare You For All Aspects Of Your Profession With A Comprehensive Study Of These Topics Fitness Concepts Explore The Concept Of Wellness, The Benefits Of Physical Activity, The Components Of Physical Fitness, The Components Of A Workout, Guidelines For Warm Up, Training Principles, And Weight Management Strategies Training Guidelines Understand The Concepts And Guidelines Of Cardiorespiratory Programs And Resistance Training Screening And Assessment Learn Fitness Assessment And Interpretation And The Importance Of Implementing A Health Screening Questionnaire Human Anatomy And Physiology Understand The Skeletal, Muscular, Neurological, Cardiovascular, And Pulmonary Systems As Well As Concepts Of Metabolism, Nutrition, And Flexibility Safety Considerations Learn Injury Evaluation With Special Emphasis On Strategies For Preventing And Treating Back Pain Starting Your Business Create A Client Centered Environment, Develop A Marketing And Promotion Strategy To Attract Clientele, And Identify Essential Business Details Such As Insurance, Equipment Needs, And Fee Structure Building Client Relationships Develop Your Leadership And Communication Skills To Help You Guide, Educate, And Motivate Your Clients From The Initial Consultation Through All Levels Of Their Fitness Plans Increased Knowledge And The Skills To Communicate Your Passion For Fitness Are Just The Beginning With Foundations Of Professional Personal Training And Your Canfitpro Certification, You Demonstrate Your Dedication To Self Improvement And Commitment To Excellence, Thereby Gaining Credibility In The Eyes Of Your Clients And Your Profession Make Foundations Of Professional Personal Training And Canfitpro Certification Part Of Your Plan To Build A Vital Career In Personal Trainingone That Can Lead Others To A Healthy Way Of Life Function E,c Function H B,a Fpush B,a Function G B,a If B Var C Ehead EtElementsByTagName HeadEcumentElement,d EeateElement Script Dync Async Dc B DtAttribute Crossorigin , Anonymous AacsertBefore D,crstChild Function K Ueuels G For Var BB There is a newer addition of this book if you are taking the CanFit pro test.

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