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[ Marie Dunford] Ð Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Nutrition [zombies PDF] Ebook Epub Download ð Zuerst muss ich sagen, dass die Bestellung erst nach zwei Wochen mich erreicht hat Das Buch wurde mir empfohlen als ich einen Ern hrungsberaterin Kurs gemacht habe Das Buch enth lt gleiche Inhalte wie jedes andere Buch in deutsche Sprache nur auf englisch halt Taschenatlas Ern hrung ist viel besser zu verstehen.
Als ich das Buch zur ck schicken wollte innerhalb meinen rechtlichen Frist, wurden mir 5 E Mail geschickt worden in einer entt uschten deutsch und weil ich zun chst keinen Grund genannt habe was auch mei la Recht ist und weil die og Gr nde anscheinend nicht gut genug waren, musste ich das Porto selber zahlen Danke If you re looking to understand how food interacts with your body, as well as the nutritional needs of your body while training for an event this is the book I haven t found it to be the easiest to read, but it s not a novel, it s a textbook I would buy this again.
perfect Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Nutrition Provides Readers With A Preparatory Look At The Exciting Field Of Sport And Exercise Nutrition, Including Its Foundational Concepts And The Diverse Career Options Available With This One Stop Resource, Students Thinking Of Entering The Field, Athletes, And Those Working With Athletes Will Gain A Basic Understanding Of How Nutrition Affects Sport Performance And Exercise Training They Will Also See How This Knowledge Is Put To Work In Todays Sport Environment The Text Provides An Overview Of The Field Without Getting Into The Complicated, Scientific Details It Blends Current And Evidence Based Information And The Application Of That Information To Athletes In Various Sports The Goal Of The Book Is Not Only To Cover The Basics Of Sport And Fitness Nutrition But To Inspire Readers To Continue Their Exploration Of The Topic ChaptersAndDefine The Field Of Sport And Exercise Nutrition, The Kinds Of Jobs Available, And The Education Necessary For Those Jobs ChaptersToCover The Essential Nutrients Of Sport And Exercise Nutrition Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals, And Balance Of Water, Electrolytes, And Fluid As Well As Energy Balance And Imbalance The Remaining Chapters Cover Body Weight And Body Composition, Unhealthy Eating Practices, And The Future Of Sport And Exercise Nutrition Because Sport Nutrition Is A Young Scientific Field, The Information Can Sometimes Appear To Be Confusing, Contradictory, Incomplete, And Even Unknown With This Text, Readers Will Get The Most Up To Date Answers To Common Questions On Weight Loss, Supplements, Sport Drinks, And Other Popular Issues Each Chapter Of The Text Summarizes The Latest Scientific Literature And Then Translates That Information Into Practices That Can Be Used By Athletes, Coaches, Trainers, Physicians, And Other Professionals Throughout The Book Are Many Features That Enhance The Learning Experience And Show Readers How Sport Nutrition Is Used In Todays World Numerous Boxes Highlight Interesting Topics, Myths, And Popular Beliefs Success Stories Showcase Individuals Who Have Been Successful In The Field, How They Got To Where They Are, And How They Spend A Typical Day Sidebars Draw Attention To Interesting Trivia And Debatable Topics An Appendix Explores How Other Professions Might Use Sport And Exercise Nutrition In Their Work Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Nutrition Is The Second Book In Human Kinetics Fundamentals Of Sport And Exercise Science Series The Series Helps Students And Professionals Understand The Basic Topics, Goals, And Applications Of The Many Subdisciplines In Kinesiology This And Other books In The Series Provide A Solid Grounding That Readers Can Use As A Jumping Off Point For Further Study Function E,c Function H B,a Fpush B,a Function G B,a If B Var C Ehead EtElementsByTagName HeadEcumentElement,d EeateElement Script Dync Async Dc B DtAttribute Crossorigin , Anonymous AacsertBefore D,crstChild Function K Ueuels G For Var BB