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[Philip Hebert] ☆ Good Medicine: The Art of Ethical Care in Canada [real-person-fiction PDF] Read Online ð Award Winning Physician Philip C Hbert Creates A Brave And Intimate Portrait Of The Complex Ethical Imperatives At The Heart Of Good Medicine Doctors Do Not Have All The Answers Patients Must Be Heard And Their Needs, Desires, Fears, And Experiences Must Be Reflected In How Practitioners Look After Them Medical Science Continues To Advance To Previously Unimagined Heights In Its Diagnostic And Treatment Capabilities With These Advances, However, Come Unexpected Ethical Dilemmas For Practitioners, Patients, And Families In Good Medicine, Dr Hbert Approaches These Questions Of Pressing And Fundamental Importance From The Dual Point Of View Of Acclaimed Physician And Long Time Patient With Remarkable Balance And Sensitivity, He Explores A Range Of Politically, Constitutionally, And Ethically Contentious Matters, Including Assisted Suicide, Treatment Refusal And Suspension, And The Overall Allocation Of Medical Resources Hbert Pairs His Artful Analysis With The Real Life, Often Deeply Moving Stories Of Those Who Have Lived These Challenges Hbert Offers Piercing And Compassionate Insight Into The Relationship Between Patients And Medical Professionals, And Guides Readers Towards The Open And Empathetic Communication Needed To Ensure Good Medicine For Everyone.
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great read What a wonderful book For any clinician or patient who is considering end of life issues, or who are facing a serious life threatening illness, this is mandatory reading It is a compassionate story of Dr Hebert s own experience that provides a model for providing care to patients with serious illnesses This book fearlessly faces the difficult issues with compassion and caring.
Dr Nina Josefowitz, Psychologist and Associate Professor, OISE University of Toronto.