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[ Stuart Wilde] ↠´ Grace, Gaia, and the End of Days: An Alternative Way for the Advanced Soul [urbanism PDF] Read Online ¾ Having read a few of Stuart Wilde s I believe in name destiny books and attended one of his seminars, I was familiar with some of the territory he expands on in his latest Stuart s written 18 books about consciousness in the last 25 years, has lectured worldwide and is known as the teacher s teacher He really sticks his spiritual neck out at the event horizon now Mr Wilde describes his visions as reality, detailed desciptions of the interconnection of 26 Dimensions, claiming that he and others are able to step into the Aluna , and disappear from ordinary 3D, just like the nagual Don Juan did in Carlos Castaneda s books, walked outta here through the cosmic vagina The goal is to pray for Grace, dignity, align with Gaia, the animals and get to the new Camelots With no time left, Stuart offers up a smorgasbord of beyond the beyond, self help tips to clean up our acts tout suit or be forewarned.
It took Mr Wilde 60 ayahuasca journeys to access these visions and state it s all real.
The reader needs to get a contact high from the implanted codes in this book in order to grasp some of this If you can bend your brain into a Moebus strip of subtle feelings then perhaps you too can enter into this digital fractal dream terrain and sense the truth or not of what Mr Wilde speaks.
He paints detailed descriptions of the hell worlds we actually live in, totally infested with ghouls He says the truth of The Morph is like the Bible as written by the Wachowski brothers, The Matrix movie.
As crazy as it sounds, this book touches on things that I have always known and felt I am humbled and awed by this book Mr Wilde points out what no one else notices and uses science to support his way out claims All great geniuses were initially thought to be mad and he readily admits you ll think he s a total nutter Not really channeling, not New Age, very rooted in Ancient Wisdom This is An Inconvenient Spiritual Truth I am fascinated, praying and cleaning up my act.
Grace Gaia and the End Of Days An Alternative Way for the Advanced Soul Stuart Wilde can do no wrong every book is a masterpiece this is no exception fascinating book

This is a brilliant book I really like Stuart Wilde and his no nonsense approach I wanted a book that looked at the ascension, without all the fluffiness of some of the books written around the subject This book definitely ticks loads of boxes and covers some of the nitty gritty of the ascension subject I can understand why the book has low scorings, as one review says, it s NOT for the faint hearted I totally agree that you can t ascend unless you have faced your dark stuff, and by learning about your dark stuff you can utilise it when you need it I also agree with Stuart Wilde that there are only 94% of the population who don t operate with ghouls within them After reading the book, I do see them everywhere But I believe that forewarned is forearmed and by being aware you re then equipped to do something about it I also believe that if your vibration is high enough that even if you do attract ghouls and dark stuff within reason that they dissolve as soon as they are near you or become aware of you Hence, the title of the book having the word Grace within it I have a crystal grid around my house that holds the house gardens vibration high, so ANYTHING that comes into my space gets zapped and transmuted I had this in place before I read the book and already felt it s effect, but now can feel it s effect even It means I can have the tv on and any ghouls that may be coming thru it are transmuted on there way in The reason I ve put 4 stars rather than 5 is because I don t agree with Stuart that the ascension is about going into another dimension I ve not actually tried ayahuasca, but in my early years of finding spirituality I ve used lots of other hallucinogenics to open doorways to access the other realms I personally feel that everyone should try them in a safe place and open yourselves up to see the other realms, so that an experience of than the physical realm can be achieved I ve lots of friends who have tried ayahuasca and I personally feel that they have all become to cosmic for their own good Fair play to Stuart Wilde for taking soooo much of the stuff and still being fairly grounded and being able to inform us of what he s found and seen In recent years I ve found that I prefer to be grounded and after years of smoking not just tobacco , working in the party festival scene and taking mind enhancing drugs, I like to keep my feet on the floor I personally feel that the ascension is about bringing Heaven to Earth, which means raising your vibration enough whilst remaining grounded and operating with total grace and compassion while on the Earth I do not agree that we are supposed to go off planet and leave the Earth.
In recent years I ve truly been living a heavenly existence after many years of HARD work clearing the dross of lifetimes of negative programming, Stuart was right, Life was Never meant to be a struggle This book has been sooooo useful to me to realise what was inside around me personally as well as around others and slowing down the process of co creating my reality into a positive heavenly life, that is smooth and free of blips that these negative beings cause I believe that the people who have put negative reviews don t actually understand what this book is actually saying and are full of fears and still have ghouls within and around them that have control of their lives and psyches I truly believe that we are meant to be spiritual warriors NOT spiritual wimps And if you choose to work with the light and avoid even knowing what the darkness is, then your a bit of a naive, simpleton in the other realms I don t think that being aware of these beings is dwelling on them, I think Stuart was trying to say, that by being in fear you will draw them to you Yes, ignorance is bliss but it also means that your psyche is oblivious to the puppet masters that can control your lives It is a fine line between fear drawing the ghouls into your life and being aware and sending love to transmute them Get your love guns out with the firmness of a matron nurse and free yourself of this darkness that is running your lives and psyches So all in all fair play Stuie Wilde for daring to go where no other men or very few dare to travel Keep up the good work This is one book of Stuart Wilde s I just cannot recommend, i found it so difficult to understand why anyone would want to meet all these entities,surely they are all in your own mind Thought Winds of Change brilliant ,has Stuart moved on from those books to this, sorry don t want to know.
Where is he these days.
A profound book containing deep spiritual truths I think.
The Divine Wind Of Grace Offers You Hope And Good Fortune It Can Cure Everything It Can Grant You An Invisible Protection, A Miraculous Healing It Can Offer You Visions Through What I Call Pure Information, Which Is Downloaded Info That Comes To You Directly As Visions, Extrasensory Perception, And Dreams Grace Can Carry You To Dimensions And Places Of Learning Far Beyond Anything Discovered By Human Beings Before Grace Can Grant You Clemency For Your Darkness And Liberate You Grace Is Pure Love, A Great Gift, The Sacred Healer, But It Is One That Is Poorly Understood Stuart WildeIn This Book, Stuart Wilde Gives You The Keys To Levels Of Metaphysical Comprehension And Sophistication Not Normally Understood Stuart Says That We Are In The Kali Yuga, The Age Of Destruction, When The Self Correcting Intelligence Of The Planet Gaia Will Take Back Earth On Behalf Of The Animals, Nature, And The Little Children He Says There Are Battles Currently Raging In The Spiritual Worlds Between The Forces Of Light And The Ghouls Dark Entities In Order To Free Us All He Describes A Power He Calls The Solar Logos, Which He Says Comes To Earth To Deliver A Rebirth He Calls The Renewal As Such, He Calls This Time The End Of Days Not Because The World Will End, But Because It Is The End Of The World As We Know It