Å Grandmothers Counsel the World: Women Elders Offer Their Vision for Our Planet Æ Download by · Carol Schaefer

Å Grandmothers Counsel the World: Women Elders Offer Their Vision for Our Planet Æ Download by · Carol Schaefer And the so called leaders of our current world should definitely listen to the Grandmothers I ve been beating the women and elder drum for a long time and was hoping for inspiration and gold here This delivers.
The first part of the book shares the life and background of the elders who made up the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers Other female elders are also highlighted This part was not all that interesting It s of a catalog of their lives rather than a rich introduction of who they are as people There are stories of how they became teachers, healers, and wise women In some cases they detail their struggles That s the first 111 pages.
In pages 115 to 212 is where the gold is found in section two, Guidance for Our TImes The topics here are Prophecies, Women s WIsdom, Sacred Relations, Our Mother Earth, Oppression, Nature s Pharmacy, and Prayer Oh, my What thoughtful words There is no hate here, no division, no preaching Just love It s where you get when you ve lived.
This is why I beat the elder and female drum I believe in the prophecies that say women will lead the world back to balance.
So, I thought it was excellent The four stars is for the boring start I think there could have been another way to weave the stories in that was entertaining I almost put the book down without reading it because of this.
Loved learning about these amazing Grandmothers who are striving to make the world a better place Beautiful souls who have so much wisdom to share with the world.
A profoundly enlightening read As I read this book I feel that I met each grandmother and touched on a personal relationship These women need to be honoured each and every day for fulfilling their purpose They made me believe there is hope for Mother Earth and all of humanity When the power of women is restored the earth and everything connected will flourish Its not about a liberation or a battle of the sexes It is about our true original design by Creator, the balance, the harmony, the reverance and wonder of life bestowed on us through women everywhere When this is restored, men will rise again as well, in their true selves, strong and confident and proud to walk hand in hand with women on our journey through life.
Partners for my 70 year old mother in law She says it s a good book

I had the pleasure of seeing the Grandmothers this past summer in Mandela.
amazing spiritual and environmental leaders.
This book is a wonderful and inspiring tale of the hearts and souls of these great women They have been off in their own corners of the world connecting with the divine and working and praying for the health of the planet Under the leadership of Joyti and the others they have been brought together to share and begin to light a fire in the rest of us This is a book that should be read by every person who has concerns about our civilization Women will especially connect with the spirit of the grandmothers and know deep down that they are on the right path and want to march along with them Or perhaps be reassured if we have felt alone on the path already.
Carol, and the wise women she brings into our lives make this an outstanding opportunity to find the wise woman within yourself Our own grandmothers come forward from memories as we read the stories of these elders, and hope rises that when we are at this stage of our life, we will have learned by the example they all brought to our attention Excellent job of sharing the interconnected, and oneness wisdom of all truly wise women, starting with the indigenous heritage teachings.
aboriginals have an important voice and message in this so changing world, because we all belong together.
We Are Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers We Are Deeply Concerned With The Unprecedented Destruction Of Our Mother Earth, The Atrocities Of War, The Global Scourge Of Poverty, The Prevailing Culture Of Materialism, The Epidemics That Threaten The Health Of The Earths Peoples, And With The Destruction Of Indigenous Ways Of Life We, The International Council Of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, Believe That Our Ancestral Ways Of Prayer, Peacemaking, And Healing Are Vitally Needed Today We Believe That The Teachings Of Our Ancestors Will Light Our Way Through An Uncertain Future In Some Native American Societies, Tribal Leaders Consulted A Council Of Grandmothers Before Making Any Major Decisions That Would Affect The Whole Community What If We Consulted Our Wise Women Elders About The Problems Facing Our Global Community Today This Book Presents The Insights And Guidance Of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers From Five Continents, Many Of Whom Are Living Legends Among Their Own Peoples The Grandmothers Offer Wisdom On Such Timely Issues As Nurturing Our Families Cultivating Physical And Mental Health And Confronting Violence, War, And Poverty Also Included Are The Reflections Of Western Women Elders, Including Alice Walker, Gloria Steinem, Helena Norberg Hodge, And Carol Moseley Brown