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[Henry Gray] ✓ Gray's Anatomy: The Classic Collector's Edition [wonder-woman PDF] Read Online ✓ This Is A Landmark Edition Of One Of The Greatest Texts Of Our Time Gray S Anatomy Has Been An International Bestseller ForYears Its Appeal Is Not Only To Physicians And Students, But To Artists And The Medically Curious As The New Introduction By Dr Crocco States Every Living Physician Today Has Been Exposed To Gray S Anatomy And Nearly Everyone Has Used It It WasGray S Anatomy That Occupied Most Of The Embryonic Physician S Waking Hours, Whether At Home Or At The Side Of His CadaverThere Have Been Many Imitations, But Few Real Competitors There Have Been Dissection Manuals And Pictorial Atlases Brilliantly Illustrated With Exquisite Photographs There Have Been Synopses Of Anatomy And There Have Been Monographs On Various Regions Of The Body However, There Is Only One Gray S AnatomyThis Stellar Book Represents The Acme Of Anatomical Description Over The Last Century And Will Probably Still Be The Premier Text In Anatomy Over The Next One Hundred Years This Commemorative Edition Is A Very Fitting Tribute To Dr Henry Gray, Fellow Of The Royal College Of Surgeons, Whose Colossal Work Will Be Remembered By Medical Historians Past And Future And By Twentieth Century Physicians And Surgeons As The Anatomy Text Of Our Age A classic reference volume and an indespensible resource for artists.
Pages tear as soon as you hi to turn the page Excellent ad for the shape of the book Exceeds my expectations Exactly as shown and described With Thanks Very informative for a curious wannabe medical student Interesting.
Yes, of course it did My copy had been lost This was a very beautiful and welcome replacement.
Great Book although a little expensive considering how long it s been around how many Editions there arenone the less I m very happy with it overall.
Excellent book Font size is great and easy to read Well made Delivery was great Super price Highly recommended to anyone interested in this field.