Trailer Þ Guinea Pigs PDF by º Immanuel Birmelin

Trailer Þ Guinea Pigs PDF by º Immanuel Birmelin A very helpful guide for all owners of Guinea Pigs What I like most of this book is the section on the guinea pig s body language This is something that other guinea pig guide books do not have Owners will learn from this chapter on how to communicate with their piggies better.
I have found that books from the Barron s Complete Pet Owner s Manuals Series to be very helpful in terms of care of the pet for any pet owners.
I knew almost nothing about Guinea Pigs before, so I thought this was an okay book However, it just isn t as comprehensive as I d like For instance, what I wanted most of all was a list of fruits and vegetables that Guinea Pigs can and can t eat, and this book doesn t have that It s very vague with a broad overview of the topics discussed In the future, I d probably get a book withdetail.

When my first piggie came to live with me I got one book, Peter Gurney s However soon after I really wanted to learn as much as I could, so I bought many others, this was one It is ok, it has really good basic information, but it is not complete You should really look into other books as well, like The Proper Care of Guinea Pigs, by Peter Gurney.
Hope that this helps.
Immanuel Birmelin is my favourite author for Guinea Pig books I first read his book My Guinea Pig and it was fascinating His books are very up to date and give terrific insights into guinea pig behaviour and group dynamics.
This book did not quite meet the mark of the book mentioned above This book isn t so much of a pet care manual as it is a description of Guinea Pigs He doesn t go into detail on how much, how often and what you should be feeding them nor does he describe different housing and bedding options But, if you want to learnabout your guinea pig s behaviour or how to provide an enriched life for it, this might just be the book for you.
My daughter was so excited to get this book to read all about her new pet She s only 8 and some of it is too hard but she is doing well with it.
This is a great little book to read before getting Guinea Pigs I read it cover to cover in about 45 minutes My only reservation is that I believe the man who wrote it may have gone overkill on some of things he says NEED to be done I think this man treats his Guinea Pigs like the Budweiser Clydesdales are treated, which is wonderful, but I wouldn t call some of these things NEEDS.
My six yr old read this cover to cover and enjoyed learning new things about what our guinea pig may like and do Great book for novice pet owners.
Great book, very helpful for new guinea pig owner I liked some of the ideas in there, like adding a rock so they ll wear down their nails.
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