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[ Pdf Guinea Pigs Ü arthurian PDF ] by Julie Rach Mancini Ç Got this for my son so he could learnabout our Guinea Pigs Provides Information On The Behavior, Diet, Grooming, And Health Care Of Guinea Pigs I borrowed this book from the library after adopting a Cavy Guinea Pig I liked it so much, I decided to buy one It is very informative and detailed For instance Guinea Pigs are not Pigs, nor are they of the Swine Family They are Cavies Cave ees This book only rated four stars because it lacked One item I considered Vital Info How to identify the Gender of your Cavy All books I read on Cavies recommend keeping least TWO Cavies, as they are social animals But you don t want to keep a male a female together, unless you want a gazillion babies Yes, Cavies are of the same Order Rodentia, although there is a debate about this as Rabbits Rabbits, Mice, Rats, and others, are considered Rodents , and multiply very rapidly Other than this oversight, this is an excellent book, filled with color pics,and vital info Highly Recommended.
Informative Easy to understand.

I bought this book for my 5 year old granddaughter when she got her new guinea pig, Coconut We read the chapter headings and looked at the photos together, and then she chose subjects that she wanted me to read to her in greater detail It contains good information on feeding and care We especially enjoyed the section on teaching your guinea pig tricks Very informative without being repeative great pictures very good up to date information for both older kids to teenagers to adults.