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[Marty Westfall] º HANDBOOK OF DOLL REPAIR & REST [m-m-urban-fantasy PDF] Ebook Epub Download Á It has lots of pointers and is ideal for the dedicated restorer rather than just a small collector There are useful chapters on re stringing and cleaning which hope to use in the near future You need to build up all the equipment first It will be A useful reference book.
Interesting, but you need information to work with an old and marvellous doll.
Nearly Two Hundred Color And Blackand White Photographs And Diagrams Augment Detailed, Step By Step Directions For All Types Of Doll Care And Repair I ordered this book to help me repair a fully jointed pre 1920 composition doll body, after finding that the internet just didn t cover how to restring dolls of this kind The instructions in this book are very detailed and well explained It s clear the author has wide experience and also a gift for teaching I believe the imformation about repainting composition is somewhat out of date This is the only drawback I can see to the very detailed treatment of all aspects of restoration, including a lot about bisque repair and resetting eyes All types of antique doll bodies are discussed Another good aspect is a chapter about how to recognise fakery of all kinds.
With this book everything was excellent description, price, time of delivery, and most of all the book itself I d gladly order another book in this shop again.
fine Goods as described.
rispetto alle mie necessit sovradimensionato appare un manuale per riparatori professionali e non ho competenza per vautarlo sotto questo profilo sotto il profilo di un utilizzo amatoriale e sporadico non aiuta molto.

The book is detailed and easy to understand.
Excellent 5 Stars for a practical, down to earth book, easy to understand with plenty of photos, line drawings and clear instructions With this manual, anyone can tackle the task of restoring a much loved doll.