Download Epub Format Õ HEAL BREAST CANCERNATURALLY: 7 ESSENTIAL STEPS TO BEATING BREAST CANCER PDF by Õ DR. VÉRONIQUE DESAULNIERS I was hoping for some new insights I had already found all the advice on line the right foods to eat, etc except for one very important food item that I have researched and it was not even mentioned in this book at all This book was of no help to me as I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer Very big disappointment I felt it did not deliver what it promised at all.
The updated and second edition of Heal Breast Cancer Naturally 7 Essential steps to Beating Breast Cancer is a thorough and detailed road map for any woman who is navigating her way back to health after getting a cancer diagnosis whether for the first time or after a recurrence The fact that Dr V has experienced her own journey with Breast Cancer gives her the credibility,empathy, and determination to help other women facing the same issues.
She lays it all out in cogent and simple language and formats the book in a way that makes it easy to comprehend and see the most important points either in bold lettering or otherwise emphasized ina way that allows for better absorption and retention Whether a woman wishes to use mainly conventional treatments but wants to add natural therapies to support her immune system or strictly wants to learn what she can do with only the natural substances this book will address all of those issues for you in great detail.
From Breast Cancer to Ovarian Cancer to just wanting to prevent ever getting a diagnosis , these same 7 essential principles will apply and can help any woman have her best health ever This book will stay on my shelf as a keeper as it is also a great reference source for whatever the future may bring for me or my family and friends.
First And Foremost, I Am A Woman That Was Looking For Answers, Just Like You I Have Claimed Victory Over 2 Breast Cancer Journeys My Healing Journeys Taught Me So Much About Myself And Breast Cancer In General These Experiences Have Been Stepping Stones Into Creating My First Book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, Healing Diva Retreats And Various Coaching Programs For Women That Are Looking For Support One Out Of Eight Women Will Be Diagnosed With Breast Cancer One Out Of 3 Women Will Experience Some Form Of Cancer In Their Lifetime.
I Was One Of Those Statistics Even Though I Was Living A Healthy Lifestyle That Consisted Of Organic Foods, Regular Exercise, Massage, Chiropractic Care And Colonics How Could Somebody Like Me Develop Breast Cancer That Very Question Led To Thousands Of Hours Of Research, Study, Soul Searching And Prayer It All Came Together As The 7 Essentials 7 Basic Steps That Are Necessary For Preventing And Healing Cancer, Or Any Disease For That Matter.
Fabulous, well written, informative book.
This book has been incredibly empowering and the resources that come with it are so helpful Everything is explained in plain English with easy to follow recommendations My energy and vitality has improved in just a couple of weeks of following these recommendations and I can feel my body healing I highly recommend this to anyone dealing with a lump or wanting to prevent breast cancer.
As a pediatrician, I want every mom who has a daughter to read this book This could be the single most important book to help cancer proof our daughters and ourselves Understanding how to reduce our exposures to the 7 Cancer Triggers will not only help prevent cancer but prevent any chronic illness When over 1 in 2 children are currently diagnosed with a chronic illness, this book is a must read to help our children thrive for their lifetime Dr V s 7 Essential Systems is not just a system to heal cancer naturally it s an essential way of life for us all Thank you, Dr V Dr V provides a roadmap to the healing of breast cancer, increasing the chances of not getting breast cancer, and living a healthier life Her book addresses not only breast cancer but cancers in general, addressing cancer from the mental and physical aspects This book is a must have for women who want to put breast cancer in their rear view mirror

This doctor s had gone through the breast cancer diagnosis herself From her personal journey and learning, this is the perfect guide for anyone with scary a scary diagnosis You will feel better knowing that there are OTHERS options out there Life changing Dr V.
This book was terrible, recommended to me by a friend She is a chiropractor not a real MD This book is strictly about her personal beliefs only It is fear mongering and made me sick to my stomach to read it Directly in the garbage, couldnt get past page 25.
This author of this books argues for cancer sufferers to avoid traditional medical approach and replace them with an elaborate set of dietary rules and special supplements She suggests that this will heal cancer cause the disappearance of tumours in most if not all situations She accuses traditional approaches of poisoning patients She offers no verifiable information of success rates or variations for different types and severities of cancers She gives no credit to the decades of research that have enabled the medical approaches of today to become so much successful This books sets out a dangerous and life threatening path for many cancer sufferers.