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☆ Read È Hamsters by Sue Fox ¹ These Popular Pocket Pets Require Specific Care To Ensure Their Health And Happiness This Book Details Proper Handling Techniques And All Necessary Care Information Required For Any Owner Who Wants To Make These Tiny Creatures Part Of Their Family TFH Publications, Inc Has Teamed Up With Animal Planet, The Only Television Network Devoted To The Unique Bonds Between Humans And Animals, To Present An Exciting New Series Of Comprehensive Guides To Superior Pet Care Each Book In The Animal Planet Pet Care Library Offers Incredible Value, FeaturingPages Of All New, Current Information From Pet Care And Animal Expertswith A Family Friendly Design, OverFull Color Photographs, And Helpful Tip Boxes Also Included Is Advice On Feeding, Housing, Grooming, Training, Health Care, And Fun Activities This book is very helpful to me and my grandchildren in caring for our new addition It has a lot of important information that we didn t even realize we needed It s easy to read for then and explains pretty much everything we needed to know Thanks Animal Planet I will continue to purchase your items from now in for any and all animal information.
Great reference book This a lot of material for new and advanced hamster owners Jammed packed with lots of good information.

some lovely pictures and very informative but unfortunately some of the information is incorrect, specifically some foods which are stated to be safe for Hamsters which aren t safe.
Because I was in the market for new hamster habitats and living Hamsters for observation, study and the most common, keeping them as pets, I binge read all the books I could find on kindle about the subject.
Though I read several Kindle books on Hamsters, I found this publication Hamsters Animal Planet Pet Care Library to be the most thorough, without being scientifically exhaustive and boring.
My interest is currently regarding the Robo Roborovskii s Hamster and I needed to know a bit about their natural wild behavior and habitat as well as how to best keep them in captivity as pets My information needs were completely met by this handy book and I felt completely prepared to take on these tiny Hamsters as pets after completing every chapter Robos are not like other Hamsters.
There were some odd areas where complete paragraphs repeated, but the information and guidance are sound, so easy to overlook those editing issues.
All of the most common pet hamster species, complete with physical descriptions and behavioral traits, are well covered in this book Anyone wanting to prepare for selecting the best species unique to their wants in a pet, as well as warnings regarding health and genetic problems, will find those concerns well addressed.
I was completely happy with the detail level and well rounded presentation, from feeding to treatments, behavior, to housing So much to consider and many publications are geared towards youngsters with short attention spans.
This book, in my opinion, will appeal to your studious 6th grader, as well as to the seasoned pet owner Something for everyone and you aren t left hanging on a subject not delved into enough to satisfy the curious mind.
I would LOVE a book dedicated to the study of Hamsters in the wild, but for now, this book will have to suffice.
I definitely recommend that this book is read prior to purchasing or adopting a hamster as a household pet I recommend it without reservation.