Ê Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders Á Download by ¼ Parker O Ackley

Ê Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders Á Download by ¼ Parker O Ackley This electronic Kindle edition is just as I remember my original hardbound version I hope they release the rest of Mr Ackley s work in electronic form, as I will be an instant purchaser.
E un libro che non pu mancare nella biblioteca di un tiratore ricaricatore, Parker Otto Ackley stato un mito, per gli appassionati di armi e ricarica americani, il libro contiene molto pi di quello che si trova nei classici manuali di ricarica Eccezionale la parte dedicata alle cariche ridotte Ovviamente bisogna conoscere l inglese.
Learn What Works, What Doesn T Work, And Why Following The Numerous Chapters On The Science And Safety Of Cartridge Reloading, There Are Over Pages Of Rifle Cartridge Loads And Another Pages Of Handgun Cartridge Loads To Help Handloaders Get The Most Out Of Their Cartridges Handbook For Shooters Reloaders Has Been The Quintessential Guide For Cartridge Reloaders Since Widely Renowned In Reloading And Wildcat Circles, This Book Culminates Decades Of Reloading Experience And Cartridge Development By P O Ackley And A Number Of Contributing Writers Backed By Extensive Research, The Information Contained In This First Volume Provides Comprehensive Information On Wildcat Cartridges And Covers Basic To Advanced Techniques That Remain TimelessParker O Ackley , Revered As One Of The Foremost Authorities On Wildcat Cartridges, Was An Avid Gunsmith, Researcher, And Writer His Ackley Improved Cartridges Brought An Innovative Twist To Cartridge Design, And He Is Credited With The Development Of High Velocity Wildcat Cartridges Il libro l avevo adocchiato dopo avere letto un altro libro, seppur meno famoso, sull argomento.
Chiaramente si tratta di un testo superato in diverse parti ma utilissimo ancora oggi.
Ho acquistato per errore sia la versione in brossura che rilegata, diciamo che quest ultima ha una stampa meno nitida ma sempre leggibile anche se il libro pi elegante.
I wont wast your time read all the other 5star reviews I concur P.
O was a very wise man Wise from years of DOING Theres alot of gun writers out there that get pretty windy But, this guy walked the walk.
As far as how the book is written, to me it was very easy to read He doesnt add a string of over the top, rarely used, adjectives that turn into a complete sidetrack of the technical data you were trying to derive in the first place.
Its simple and to the point How I write, and how I like to learn.
It was not exactly what I had expected The book as far as I have read, which is a little over half has good information for the shooter and some for the handloader I originally thought since Parker Ackley was the author it would have an explanation of his Ackley Improved cases so popular with handloaders I have yet to see any discussion on the subject But what I have read is the very best in advice and use.
I would like to update my review Having now read most of the book, and having read the articles, chapters, by P.
O Ackley I than ever recommend this book I wish the volume 2 was available in Kindle I also know why there is no discussion on P.
O Ackley s methods on improving cartridges He gave us the reasons and some of the changes through his selection of authors included in his book, but he also was selling rifles, ammo, and working in his own gunsmith shop as well as teaching gunsmithing Which only adds to his credibility and explains why he doesn t explain his methods With the information given it will not be hard to come up with your own method and your own wildcat.
Great resource for handloading as well as general firearms hunting knowledge I use it regularly to research cartridges There is a great deal of info pertaining to which cartridges tend to be the most efficient.
I had heard so much about this book that I had to have it It is like a trip to the past when rifles and shooting were experimental I bought this book because I was interested in having a rifle modified into a Ackley Improved, but the book has much information about shooting and reloading An essential book for people that love shooting.

Good book has good info in it.
Very informative.