Trailer ↠´ Handgun Training - Practice Drills For Defensive Shooting PDF by õ Grant Cunningham

Trailer ↠´ Handgun Training - Practice Drills For Defensive Shooting PDF by õ Grant Cunningham Grant is such a resource for revolvers but this manual works for semi automatics as well It helps to focus and keep an objective throughout the training session.
Basically this is for beginners I expected after reading the ad.
You Have A Handgun For Self Defense, And Have Taken A Good Defensive Shooting Class How Do You Practice And Maintain Those Critical Skills Handgun Training Practice Drills For Defensive Shooting By Grant Cunningham Has The Tools You Need To Hone Your Skills At Your Favorite Range Inside Youll Find Handgun Drills You Can Do On Your OwnShooting Drills You Can Do With A Training PartnerConcealed Carry Drills To Help Replicate The Environment In Which You LiveTactical Drills That You Can Do Even On Very Restricted Shooting RangesDETAILED DESCRIPTIONS Allow You To Easily Replicate The Drills On Your RangeEAR EXPLANATIONS Of The Purpose Of Each Drill Help You Focus On Areas Of Concern Or WeaknessRANGE TESTED With Handgun Training Students Every Drill Helps Keep Your Skills SharpEXCLUSIVE URL Gives You Access To Download PDFs Of Targets Designed Just For This Book Regardless Of How Youve Trained, Handgun Training Practice Drills For Defensive Shooting Will Help You Keep Your Defensive Handgun Shooting Skills In Tip Top Shape Very informative to anyone new to handguns.
Useful information for beginning to intermediate shooters Grant does a great job of communicating the essence of Combat Focus Training techniques and is full of practical advice and drills for improving your gun handling and defensive shooting skill set He does a good job of covering technique, drills and expert advice for improving your combat shooting skills If he ever holds a class near me, you can bet I ll make the time to attend one of his live training sessions.
Opened my eyes on different practice drills Drills I never even thought of.
Excellent product and quality highly recommended

Good book Good book Definitely for beginners Good for my students to review pre live fire training Great book They need to include out the box thinking skills Thought of incorporating a airsoft to my training regiment as it is quite and simulates a real gun in every aspect beside the loud bang and being able to reach a further target And you can do it in the back woods I have this book and planning on getting another regarding tactics.