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Ç Read â Heal Your Concussion: How To Quickly And Effectively Get Back In The Game by Joanny Liu â Recovery From An Injury Requires Right Action, Not Passivity Standing By And Waiting Never Works In The Case Of The Brain, Conventional Wisdom Is Incorrect In Assuming That The Brain Isdelicate Than The Rest Of The Body In Fact The Brain Is Only One Of Two Organs In Your Body That Can Regenerate Itself The Other Is The LiverThe Brain Is Different Because You Can Consciously Make Changes To It And You Do That By Changing Your Mind You Do That By Changing Your Thoughts And Your Feelings These Are Fundamental And This Is What Neuroplasticity Is Truly All AboutThink Of Every Success Youve Made Why Did You Succeed If You Can Answer That Question Then Youll Understand That You Have To Do The Same With Your Concussion I Wrote This Book Of Applied Neuroplasticity Because Its Simple Like A Broken Leg, You Must Use It Before You Lose It Atrophied Muscles Wont Help You Neither Does An Atrophied Brain Research And Clinical Experience Has Shown Me What Too Much Rest Can Do A Person With A Brain Injury It Gets Worse I Wanted To Write A Book That Commands Your Attention And Also Makes You Take Positive Constructive Action So It Is A Workbook Butimportantly, It Will Help You Understand Your Head Injury This Is Not Being Done Anywhere Else No One Explains To You The Mysteries Of Life When You Finally Understand The Root Cause S Of Your Post Concussion Syndrome PCS You Will Understand How To Make It Stronger AgainI Created A Concussion Workbook Which Is Simple And Doesnt Require You To Buy Supplements Its Just You And Your Pen And Paper Give Yourself The Gift Of Time Beat Down The Urge That Time Is Against You Also Beat Down The Brains Urge That It Doesnt Want To Go Deep Into Your Injury Be Brave Be Patient Do The Work Your Concussion Will Be Gone Before You Know It, When You Realize You Feel Good AgainDr Joanny Liu Is An International Best Selling Author And International Leader In Chinese Sports Medicine And Chinese Sports Psychology She Has Appeared In The USA And Canada On FOX, NBC, CTV, And Global TV ABC, CBS, The Boston Globe, And Miami Herald Have Quoted Her Clinically Proven Views On The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Concussions She Is The Author Of Two Other books, Knock Out Concussions And Heal Your Concussion Days To Brain Health, And Has Spoken At Brain Injury Canada Conferences And Other VenuesDr Joanny Was A Practicing Professional Engineer When Her MD Gave Her Bad News They Found A Problem In Her PAP Test Stunned And Angry, She Felt Betrayed Because She Had A Good Diet And ExercisedShe Looked Closely At Herself And Realized How Unhappy She Was She Made Changes She Left Her Full Time Position And Began To Contract Her Services When That Dried Up, She Looked Around For Meaningful Work After Years As A Professional Engineer, She Went Back To School To Study Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM That Was Where She Found Out Why She Had A Cancer ScareYears Later, As A TCMD And Registered Acupuncturist, She Developed A Comprehensive Healing Process That Reflected Classical Chinese Medicine CCM , Which Gave People Their Desired Results She Realized That CCM Truly Engages All Parts Of A Person Mind, Body, And Spirit In The Healing Process Dr Joanny Knew That If The Spirit Was Neglected Then The Results Are Temporary She Began To Specialize In Sports MedicineShe Became Intrigued By Concussions When Sidney Crosby Of The Pittsburgh Penguins Got His Concussion On January , His Doctors Struggled To Help Him, Which Delayed His Recovery By Years Dr Joanny Was Shocked When Her Own Grown Son Came To Her After He Suffered A Severe Concussion That Blinded Him Using Her Process, Her Son Recovered Fully Within Two Months With No Relapse, No Headaches And No Depression And Never Missed A Day At Work