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â Read ¹ Healing Before You're Cured: The Evidence-based Guide to Taking Control of Your Body and Mind by Roy Vongtama ☆ Dr Vongtama does an amazing job explaining a holistic approach to health I love his writing style, which is both concise but also feels very personal and easy to read As a health care practitioner myself, I deeply value Dr V s wisdom and I love to see Western trained doctors practicing in an integrative and soulful manner The book applies not only to people recovering from an illness, but to all humans seeking a fulfilling and healthy life.
For the past 30 years or so my ultimate guru has been the late Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life followed closely by Joseph Murphy The Power of the Subconscious Mind I try to live my life with these beliefs I meditate daily, am careful what I say and how I think I try to stay positive and know that it all has an effect on my physical health.
What Roy Vongtama has done is added a modern, intelligent angle, if you will, to these philosophies that have helped cement these beliefs into my consciousness and given me new ways to connect to my better self, thereby, I believe, giving me a chance at a happier, healthier life.
It s all connected and Vongtama connects the dots for us on a spiritual, physical and scientific level as only a doctor can.
I will read this book again, for sure, and have added Vongtama to what is now a trio of gurus for me.
This book is the real deal scientific yet simply written, insightful and practical.
First off, Dr Roy is a real doctor at UCLA health with 30 years of experience He artfully combines the best of western science and eastern wisdom without the bogus baggage into a delightful read with value for the beginner or mature health enthusiast like myself.
I ve read a lot of good health books paul check, tim ferriss, jimmy moore, etc and Dr Roys book clearly earns a lifelong position on my bookshelf as guidebook and gift to friends family.
What I found helpful Positive thinking how to actually use it to overcome negative thought patterns and related practical wisdom Emotional cleanliness how to identify lingering emotional behavior patterns avoidance being a big one for me and remedy them Applying meditation the value of silence in health and how to do it without being intimidating Diet checklist what to eat a balanced diet, how to shop at the grocery store I am already well versed but still picked great gold nuggets Mindset and ownership thinking every health house is interconnected, so find the root issues in other houses if needed Example, physically feeling tired often.
well this may actually be due to an unresolved emotional issue The writing style is light hearted, fun and easy to understand Can t stress how amazing this is written, makes it the perfect gift And much, much So thankful for this book, I ve benefited from Dr Roys advice and made enduring life changes I am gifting this to my brother and mother, and plan to give this as a gift to friends in looking for health resets or general life upgrades.
Two big thumbs up I bought this book for a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer Before sending it into her I flipped through a couple of pages and was immediately sucked in My friend didn t have to wait long though as it was so interesting that I read the book over three days before forwarding it on So much wisdom in such an easy to read format No fluff or filler here, every chapter gave me an aha moment Certain quotes are brought to mind almost 3 months after first reading them I m grateful not to be suffering from a serious illness right now, and I hope following the guidelines and suggestions in this book I might now never have to.
I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to improve their general health and emotional well being.
As someone who has benefited from both traditional and alternative medicine and also had some ineffective treatments from both too , this book not only gave me new insights on health and disease, but also motivated me to re examine how I take care of my own body and mind It also made me think about how the book could help many other friends and family too.
By sharing his experiences growing up, including his own health issues and emotional obstacles, Dr Vongtama takes us on his unique journey through life It s a fascinating one for as a cancer doctor and professional actor, he s able to extract valuable insights on health from two seemingly different worlds.
The book contains plenty of well researched findings that Dr Vongtama has discovered after poring through medical journals and attending conferences about the mind body connection But perhaps even helpful and inspiring is that the author shares what he s learned from the patients he s treated many of whom face life threatening conditions.
I enjoyed how the book is written in an engaging, non preachy style that encourages self exploration and simply doing what works best for you I give the author kudos for daring to investigate and write about a topic that could easily be mocked and dismissed by the medical community I believe doctors like these are ones that may ultimately take medicine, health and healing to a whole new level by bridging the gap between what s traditionally been separated into Western and Eastern medicine.

There s the old cliche that without your health you have nothingand it s a cliche because it s trueyet even though this is true most of us find ourselves putting school and career in front of our health We don t give ourselves enough time to properly eat and exercise and meditate and foster great relationships and deal with any psychological issues that we have And all of this eventually catches up with us when our health inevitably starts to fail But what if we could live our optimal lives for as long as possiblewould you be willing to work a little less at your career and a little at your health Well the answer should be a resounding yes And that is exactly what this book is about.
It s difficult to write a self help book without coming off as preachy or overly complicatedbut Dr Vongtama does an amazing job of educating without being condescending or making radical, unrealistic expectations The whole book comes across as an intimate conversation between friends over a series of dinners Impressive given that Dr Vongtama is a radiation oncologist who treats cancer for a living.
Now, for the specifics There were at least 20 times throughout reading this book that I said to myself OMG I never realized that This is amazing Case in point the link between our emotional health and cancer If you have unresolved trauma from childhoodor unresolved trauma as an adult this has a great chance of leading to disease and even cancer As westerners, we love to compartmentalize everything and think that if we eat well and exercise that our emotional health can be all over the place and this just isn t true Dr Vongtama explains that there are four houses that make up our health the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual and he gives specific exercises in each house to try and if you like what you are trying, this should become part of your permanent routine Reading this book you don t get the sense that you ve got to make all of these radical unrealistic changes overnight The author really implores the art of kaizen gradual improvement over time So for example, don t go on a 10 day juice cleansebut rather make small changes like introducing one new nutritional food every day that you normally wouldn t eat.
I couldn t recommend this book any higher and if you are in the market for this book, stop reading this review and buy it already You ll be like me and will recommend it for your family and friends I ve already given a copy to my mom Very easy to follow along Not a long book but very good information Dr Roy has articulated my own particular healing journey of these past four years and the beautiful irony is that my path has led me to virtually the same general conclusions of his book Although my western doctors were amazingly efficient and effective in removing the two cancers in my body, there was never a definitive answer to why and how can I prevent this from recurring These questions brought me to explore the profound yet simple solution of diet, lifestyle changes and, most importantly, a deeper connection with my spiritual practice I have nothing but absolute gratitude that Roy has taken the time to write clearly about these important truths His approach, while fundamentally eastern in tone is firmly established within the western world Thank goodness he has such high regard and respect for both modalities as they are symbiotic in their healing effectiveness Highly recommended To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical when first saw the cover, because I don t like doctors and for sure don t like emotional stuff or meditation I saw the reviews so I decided to give it a try, as my health has somewhat deteriorated Dr Vongtama is very honest about his own life and that really allowed me to trust what he was saying I felt like the information is accessible and partly it s because of the way he presents it, not like someone who knows everything but rather like someone who wants you to be curious He s big on trying things to see if they work for you I found the most impactful thing was connecting the nonphysical to the physical That s something I am aware of now after finishing it Highly recommended for those who want something different but are really practical Learn From A Board Certified Medical Doctor How To Master Your Health Are YouEager For A Better Way To Approach Your Health Getting Sick All The Time And Ready To Do Something About It Recovering From Cancer Or Afraid You Might Get It

Healing Before Youre Cured Will

Infuse You With The Knowledge And Inspiration To Take Back Ownership Of Your Health Teach You Easy To Learn Techniques To Dramatically Improve Your Immune System To Prevent Diseases Beforethey Start Use Groundbreaking Research To Prove To You That The Body, Mind, Emotions, And Spirit Are Interconnected And Can Be Used To Kick Start A Healthier Life Having Treated And Cured Thousands Of Cancer Patients, I Can Safely Say That This Book Will Not Only Challenge Our Assumptions About What Is Possible, But Also Will Provide A Secure Roadmap For People Who Want To Heal, Not Just Be Cured Dr Guy Juillard, Professor Emeritus, Former Vice Chair At UCLA Radiation Oncology And First Holder Of The Jennifer Jones Simon Professorship In Radiation OncologyDr Roy Vongtama Is A Board Certified Cancer Specialist With Degrees In Biological Basis Of Behavior From The University Of Pennsylvania, A Medical Doctorate From The University Of Buffalo And Postgraduate Training At UCLA His Additional Work Includes Authorship In 14 Peer Reviewed Scientific Papers, Hundreds Of Hours Of Study In Nutrition, Positive Psychology, Emotional Wellness And Meditation Techniques Dr Vongtama Has Done Than 7,000 Hours Of Silent Meditation And Has Led Hundreds Of Group Meditations, As Well As Given Public Talks And Private Coaching For People Interested In Taking Control Of Their Health.