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Ý Read ë Heaven Is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back (Audible Audio Edition): Todd Burpo, Lynn Vincent, Stu Gray, Thomas Nelson: Amazon.ca by Todd Burpo ↠´ Do You Remember The Hospital, Colton Sonja Said Yes, Mommy, I Remember, He Said That S Where The Angels Sang To Me When Colton Burpo Made It Through An Emergency Appendectomy, His Family Was Overjoyed At His Miraculous Survival What They Weren T Expecting, Though, Was The Story That Emerged In The Months That Followed A Story As Beautiful As It Was Extraordinary, Detailing Their Little Boy S Trip To Heaven And Back Colton, Not Yet Four Years Old, Told His Parents He Left His Body During The Surgery And Authenticated That Claim By Describing Exactly What His Parents Were Doing In Another Part Of The Hospital While He Was Being Operated On He Talked Of Visiting Heaven And Relayed Stories Told To Him By People He Met There Whom He Had Never Met In Life, Sharing Events That Happened Even Before He Was Born He Also Astonished His Parents With Descriptions And Obscure Details About Heaven That Matched The Bible Exactly, Though He Had Not Yet Learned To read With Disarming Innocence And The Plainspoken Boldness Of A Child, Colton Tells Of Meeting Long Departed Family Members He Describes Jesus, The Angels, How Really, Really Big God Is, And How Much God Loves Us Retold By His Father, But Using Colton S Uniquely Simple Words, Heaven Is For Real Offers A Glimpse Of The World That Awaits Us, Where, As Colton Says, Nobody Is Old And Nobody Wears Glasses Heaven Is For Real Will Forever Change The Way You Think Of Eternity, Offering The Chance To See And Believe Like A Child This Audiobook Recording Of Heaven Is For Real Includes Additional Bonus Content Including Updates From Father Todd And Son Colton On Recent Events Including The Making Of The Movie Experience And From The Set Q A S With The Movie S Filmmakers And Actors Rev Todd Burpo s book is an endearing little read A story of a struggling little family with its share of misfortune leads into the central theme of Todd s son coming down with peritonitis which because of inept diagnosis almost leads to his death The little boy is spared and then comes a series of the boy recounting his experience with Jesus and God All of it very real and clothed with the honestly and innocence of a small child It s reminiscent of the old expression, Honestly, you can t make this stuff up.
I have given it two stars To be sure it is not great literature and does not have the same impact as a novel such as The Shack by William Paul Young On the other hand it is non fiction telling the story of very real events The reader will not come away with theological elevation but it is memorable.
This young boy and his story about Heaven is intriguing I like the title too Heaven is for Real because God is real So many today are sad because they ve reasoned themselves into foolishness that they ve forgotten that not only does the good God exist, but that he has a deep love for his children.
Heaven is for Real A Little Boys Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and BackHi,This book was very interesting and I even watched some interviews with the REAL Father and Son and they were right on with the eBook.
This book is so amazing, you will not want to put it down until you are finished reading it.
ca for having it on you website Devoted.
ca buyer and have never been disappointed yet I was astounded by this read I could relate to the story because I too have lost a child by stillbirth It was acomfort to know that I may see this child again I discuissed this book with my pastor and he had mixed feelings about it I too experenced mixed feelings because I as a mortal do not know what Heaven is really like and to hear a young child take on the matter is still something I am trying to adjust to I will get a cleared idea when I see the movie and will have a definate opinion In the meantime it was an interesting read with much food for thought.
Loved this story, way better than the movie Such a special blessing for that little boy,.
a man now and apparently doesn t remember much, which is probably best.
I love this book, I feel two years ago this book saved my life as I was going through major cancerous tumor brain surgery I tell everyone about it now and will always be thankful to read it when I did It is an amazing book Contrived Yes, heaven is for real but not in the way described in this book Heaven is a place of indescribable happiness because it is a place filled with love, a love directed towards the supreme creator and radiating from Him to all Angels twittering when asked to sing We will rock you I don t think so Such a request would be for one s self gratification In heaven all angles serve God and God alone and all humans who enter heaven also serve God and God alone No one there seeks self gratification and the last one who did is no longer in heaven.
A wonderful family movie Very stirring, compelling and captivating I couldn t help but get caught up in the scenario when Mom is a little slow on the uptake She just didn t want to believe Colton s experiencelike most Sometimes our sense of reality gets in the way of what God s reality is and we need innocent little people to sometimes jar us back into God s realm from time to time.
Super, super movie I would like to have seen presentation on what the alternative to Heaven is, but then again, that wasn t Colton s experience However, it would ve been fitting had it been attached in Todd s very weak sermon somehow I was saddened to see how a pastor could have questions like this while trying to lead the flock One cannot lead where one has never been It was an honest portrayal of the frailties of mankind and various faith issues that we all get from time to time, I suppose.
The actors did a superb job and the cinematography was excellent Highly recommend.
I did like this But like other reviwers, I have my doubts About why Todd s parents made one mistake after another with the life of their child However, it maybe his father did not explain it well In real life situations of panic things can easily go wrong I do believe what the lad said But I found the way his father keeps reliterating he was not trying to make it happen annoying Because clearly at times, their excitement mum and dad and chats, showed the boy otherwise I say I think he told the truth, because I believe it Although I am exasperated at his dad, I still like the way he feels, like he is trying to be as straight as possible In fact, his trying to be straight is the very thing that makes it obvious to his lad, what have I said NOW There does not seem to be any exaggeration But the book is bulked out by the journey of it all An easy read And I think credible But dad needs lessons on subliminal messaging