Trailer ↠´ Hemingway's Key West PDF by Ú Stuart B McIver

Trailer ↠´ Hemingway's Key West PDF by Ú Stuart B McIver Although this work is informative for anyone going to Key West to visit Hemingway sites, McIver s book reads like a confused hodgepodge This would not be a problem if the chapters addressed Heminway s time in the Keys chronologically However, the facts seem to skip around Many chapters repeat events addressed earlier in other chapters making it appear as if each one was written by a different author without the benefit of reading each others s work, and then combined into one book McIver s research on Hemingway seems to be of quick, incomplete work with sources easily obtained and poorly investigated.
Having not read any Hemingway since school and university, I decided it was time to revisit While searching for a title to download I came across this book It is as interesting as any novel, covers much Key West and provides an understanding of the author and thus his writing The only downside is that the structure of the book is a little strange and the text can be a bit repetitive.
The Only Place In The United States That Hemingway Could Really Call Home After He Started Writing Was The Tropical Island Of Key West During His Decade Here In The S, He Acquired His Famed Macho Persona As Papa, The Biggest Big Daddy Of Them All This Vivid Portrait Of Ernest Hemingway S Key West Reveals Both Hemingway, The Writer, And Hemingway, The Macho, Hard Drinking Sportsman His Key West Years Turned Out To Be His Most Productive He Finished A Farewell To Arms, Started For Whom The Bell Tolls, And Wrote Several Other books, Including Green Hills Of Africa, Death In The Afternoon, And To Have And Have Not He Also Turned Out Some Of His Best Short Stories There Was Plenty Of Time Left Over For Eating, Drinking, Fighting, Fishing, Chasing Women, And Hanging Out With His Circle Of Friends Known As The Mob Hemingway Spent The Last Years Of His Life In Cuba, And It Was Here He Overcame Several Demonsaccidents, Failing Health, Depressionto WriteThe Old Man And The Sea, For Which He Won Both A Pulitzer And A Nobel Prize In LiteratureFilled With Photos Some Of Which Were Not Available In The First Edition , This Book Also Includes A Two Hour Walking Tour Of Key West And A Tour Of Hemingway S Favorite Cuban Haunts This Edition Also Includes A Record Of The Author S Exploits In Bimini And Cuba Accompany Hemingway On Fishing Expeditions In The Gulf Stream And To Cuba And Bimini Aboard His Custom Built Boat, Pilar A Treat For Hemingway Fans It does has some interesting stuff about Hemingway in it, but the author jumps around so much and randomly names other people without context of who they are, it makes it a difficult read at times I still have yet to find an author that matches the quality of Les Standiford yet, and maybe I never will He spoiled me most likely I d suggest reading actual Hemingway stories over this book.
Hemingway s Key West provide a quick, interesting read for those traveling to Key West The island s atmosphere and history twinkles like a Hemingway smile And the reader gets quick but enlightening peeks at Hemingway s temper, his wives, his buddies The Mob and his fishing techniques.
Not for the library bound scholar, this book treats the reader to the highlights of Key West and Hemingway You ll get in depth descriptions of his haunts You ll find out tidbits about his life a converted Catholic, a sometimes vindictive right wing Republican, and a man willing to begin various love affairs instantly.
Overall, a fine read.
by Larry Rochelle, author of the hurricane thriller, GULF GHOST Short and simple history, with very simple writing A good beginning chronicle of Ernest Hemingway s time in Key West Lots of unusual anecdotes You won t find any criticism of Hemingway in this little book There are better books on this topic, but this book is worth the money.
Great insight to his life and time in Key West and Havana.
Interesting read as I visited Key West.

McIver is a poor writer The book is extraordinarily repetitive He says the same thing over and over again It is like watching Groundhog Day with Bill Murray only much worse.
I cannot believe his editors and publishers let this go to print.
A terrible representation of a great writerHemingway that is, not McIver.
The book is filled with the many antics of Hemingway who was not only blessed with the creativity of being a well known writer but he was quite the sportsman as well It seems he had many interests and they weren t all legal I found the stories interesting but some were shocking as well He was definitely a recluse who lived by his own rules but he did love the old old Key West when it was a non tourist island HIS island Some of the fishing stories could have been in less detail which is why I gave it a 4 star rating but overall the book is filled with his I dont give a care attitude and his marriage hopping I did like the end recapping dates and details of his like Its a good book that draws a picture of what Ernest Hemingway was really like.