ç Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance: Reflections on a Life of Raising Chickens À Download by ☆ Martin Gurdon

ç Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance: Reflections on a Life of Raising Chickens À Download by ☆ Martin Gurdon Bought as gift for he keepers I must say this book was quite addictive Once I picked it up it was hard to put down The author s style of writing, was easy to read He told this story in such a personal way about his flock of chickens Being a small flock owner I liked the real and not overly scripted way he told of his enjoyments and heartbreaks in the chicken raising endeavor The lengths that us chicken keepers will go to save the health of a pet is amazing After reading about the author the chicken Yvette and her his physical therapy I was in stitches laughing The only thing that I didn t like about this book was all the cursing and cutesy chicken shagging references The reason I don t like these remarks is that this otherwise would ve been a book I d of liked to share with my younger neice.
There is also a kind of sequel to this book called I believe Traveling with a Man and his chicken.

Plenty of fun stories, a few poignant moments and basically an appreciation for some backyard chicken raising Not a how to guide, rather just some so called slices of life type stories A nice little diversionary read that I enjoyed.
Recommended for someone who likes to read about chickens s ranking definitions 1 star I hated it2 star I don t like it3 star It s OK4 star I liked it My opinion only, 4 stars as it really is for the established chicken fanperhaps not so much for the chicken indifferent I very much liked it 5 star I loved itJTG I thought this book was wonderful.
An easy read perfect for curling up at night and reading a chapter or two I didn t want it to end For those who have chickens, you will find yourself laughing out loud at the stories who hasn t encountered an oops rooster as the author stumbles through the life lessons that chickens undoubtably provide For those who don t have chickens, its still an entertaining read full of humor the names the author gives his chickens Egghead, Bald Bird, etc had me laughing all the timeHowever, this book is not too great on the facts I found several discrepancies that the auther had not researched and were based in theory than anything, but who cares The book was great fun and I suggest it to all Actually a fabulous book to read aloud to someone as well Thoroughly entertaining This book is hysterical probably even so if you re a current or previous chicken owner.
Okay I was a little surprised that this book was written by someone in England I think It was a very funny book I was looking for information on raising chickens and it gave me an insight to the fowl personality After reading this book I decided not to raise any chickens It was funny though And realize this book is not an American s perspective I did not know that before reading the book If you are undecided as to if you want to keep chickens as a hobby then you need to read this book before making your final decision.
I have been keeping Speckled Sussex Chickens and Guinea Fowl for several years My friends are tired of hearing my chicken stories and no one ever tells me any so I picked this up to hear someone else s story and boy is it a hoot Well written and easy to read, the author keeps your attention as easily as a novel The stories are real, I know because I ve lived some of them, and the information is accurate I even learned some things I didn t know I ve found myself quoting it many times Excellent A clever, informative and entertaining book though it does have an occasional unnecessary vulgarity.
Owning Chickens Is Fast Becoming The Latest In Metropolitan Chic If You Can T Own Them, You Ll Still Want To read About Them Primal Urges, The Quest For Ultimate Power, Sex, Death, Gender Bending, And Huge Vet Bills These Are The Things That Chickens Are Made Of Martin Gurdon S Hilarious Hen And The Art Of Chicken Maintenance Relives The Highs And Lows Of Chicken Ownership This Unique Chicken Memoir Follows The Gurdon Family Through The Ups And Downs Of A Wonderful Hobby In Addition To Providing Eggs, The Hens Offer Distractions From Everyday Life You Ll Meet A Cast Of Unusual Characters, From The Frightening Disciplinary Measures Of Bossy Chicken, And The Maternal Instincts Of Psycho Chicken, To The Bizarre Tales Of Mike The Headless Chicken From Colorado, And The Physical Rehabilitation And Sexual Transformation Of Yvette The Relationship Between Bird And Human Is By Turns Heartwarming And Bewildering, But Always Entertaining In Fact, Readers Might Even Learn A Thing Or Two About Raising Chickens In This Lively Book Inside Hen And The Art Of Chicken Maintenance, Updated Second Edition Hilarious Account Of A Rookie Poultry Owner S Experience Raising Birds In His Backyard James Herriot Meets Bill Bryson In This Wryly Amusing Memoir Of One Man S Relationship With His Chickens Chronicles The Daily Life Of A Chicken, Including Dust Baths, Brutal Pecking Order Rituals, Gender Bending Encounters, And For Its Owner The Possibility Of Huge Vet Bills Updated Second Edition Features New Photographs And A New Chapter A Must For Chicken Lovers And A Must For Anyone With A Quirky Sense Of Humor Beyond The Laughs There Are Even Some Practical Lessons To Be Learnt About What Not To Do When Keeping Chickens Great reading for an interesting hobby.