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Å Read ☆ His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina by Danielle Steel È very good book.
This Is The Story Of An Extraordinary Boy With A Brilliant Mind, A Heart Of Gold, And A Tortured Soul It Is The Story Of An Illness, A Fight To Live, And A Race Against Death I Want To Share The Story, And The Pain, The Courage, The Love, And What I Learned In Living Through It I Want Nick S Life To Be Not Only A Tender Memory For Us, But A Gift To Others I Would Like To Offer People Hope And The Realities We Lived With I Want To Make A Difference My Hope Is That Someone Will Be Able To Use What We Learned, And Save A Life With It Danielle Steel From The Day He Was Born, Nick Traina Was His Mother S Joy By Nineteen, He Was Dead This Is Danielle Steel S Powerful, Personal Story Of The Son She Lost And The Lessons She Learned During His Courageous Battle Against Darkness Sharing Tender, Painful Memories And Nick S Remarkable Journals, Steel Brings Us A Haunting Duet Between A Singular Young Man And The Mother Who Loved Himand A Harrowing Portrait Of A Masked Killer Called Manic Depression, Which Afflicts Between Two And Three Million Americans At Once A Loving Legacy And An Unsparing Depiction Of A Devastating Illness, Danielle Steel S Tribute To Her Lost Son Is A Gift Of Life, Hope, Healing, And Understanding To Us All A highly insightful book with respect to the painful reality of mental illness in this case, being bipolar It took courage, guts, and a mother s love in this case, Danielle Steel, Nick Traina s mom to paint a picture which is both raw but full of love, for the amazing young man a mother, and the rest of the family, lost A WONDERFUL young man with a horrible disease NOT HIS FAULT I was hesitant to read this book, thinking it would be too hard and too heavy to read instead, I came away with an appreciation for this condition, and a young man who, at his core, was a very special human being.
very good book.
Great book Great book Anxious to start reading this Such a great book about her sonso sad to lose a child so youngI just cried and cried RIP Nick Amazing, so close to home and so inspiring Would be interesting to meed this lady who writes so wondferrfully well and with such passion and understanding.