☆ Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons to Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity, and Happiness ↠´ Download by ☆ Keisha Blair

☆ Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons to Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity, and Happiness ↠´ Download by ☆ Keisha Blair Keisha s story is very inspiring and a testimony to the strength of the human spirit A must read for both young and old From a tragic experience, Keisha has put forward a blue print on how we should conduct our lives, while at the same time reminding us what is truly important in life Very inspiring and well written.
I was really excited to read this I love discovery and creating balance in your life kind of books and knew this would be right up my alley It did not disappoint The book is written into 4 parts Intentional Life Purpose, Financial Independence, Physical and Spiritual Movement and Goodwill and Strong Relationships I appreciate the bundling of topics into separate parts I especially enjoyed the whole part on finances as I find that to be a topic that is not often talked about and is most certainly a huge aspect in creating Holistic Wealth Each part is further broken down into topics that fall appropriately within that part At the end of each part there is a portfolio section that asks questions and has action items on how you re going to move forward with the information and knowledge you ve just read I really enjoyed this part encouraging me to further think about what I read and how I could apply certain aspects to my life Throughout the whole book, each part and each section, Keisha has taken careful measures and really added to the wealth of the knowledge by including many, many other professionals she has interviewed for advice on certain topics in her book, linking back to other books or other articles I thought this was so wonderful I looked up a few people that have been mentioned and have been inspired to read books suggested to my ever growing to be read pile For example, she added quotes from Shakespeare and C.
S Lewis and includes advice from many different authors, entrepreneurs, and CEO s from around the world This kind of range of varied professionals was very valuable and I was impressed with the lengths Keisha went to pull this all together Recommend Yes There is so much to this book than I can even write in this one review It s one I m going to keep coming back to for sure, making notes and reflections where I can I would most definitely recommend There is so much valuable information, knowledge, holistic wealth in this book If you re needing redirection or a pick me up or just to read a good self discovery book, this one is for you Happy to have taken the Holistic Wealth 8 Day challenge, but what I loved was that, once I started reading this book I had to keep going, the information, the lessons, the encouragement, gave me the inspiration I needed.
A book for all audiences Fantastic read So eye opening and informative I personally had two co workers who both lost their spouses recently and I was able to share this great book with them One really never knows what life has in store for them one should always be prepared, there were some truly great life lessons to be learned in this book Over the holidays, I started reading Holistic Wealth, it s a gem and a blessing to have in my book collection In my opinion, it is the type of book you can read over and over and over and still learn something new each and every time In my opinion the book pushed me to think and reflect It encourages and motivated me to get out of your mundane and routine comfort zone The author gives us a glimpse of her traumatic experience when she lost her husband and her struggles following his passing Her words are inspiring, raw and honest I want to thank the author for sharing her story, giving me hope and a solution when facing the many challenges I face in my life I want to thank her for helping to guide me to live the best life I can and to be the best version of myself that I can be one day at a time This book gives recommendations, advice, helpful tools on how to keep learning, keep growing, keep healing and keep challenging myself to live a better, healthier and enriched life.
Give this book the gift of your time.
M lanie Build A Better, Richer Life By Following Thirty Two Lessons That Lead To Happiness.
Imagine A Life Where You Are Financially Savvy And Independent, Living With Purpose And Generosity While Inspiring Others Holistic Wealth Will Teach You To Master These Tenets Of A Happy And Joyful Life, Giving You A Greater Sense Of Wholeness And Resilience In Times Of Difficulty.
By Expanding On The Teachings Shared In Her Viral Article My Husband Died At 34 Here Are 40 Life Lessons I Learned From It, Author Keisha Blair Presents Revolutionary Strategies That Will Help You Find Balance And Success By Following Actionable, Comprehensive Steps From Experts In A Wide Array Of Fields, This Engaging Book Will Guide You On Your Path To Serenity.
Holistic Wealth Teaches You How To Find Prosperity In Key Aspects Of Life, From Financial Stability And Physical Health To Your Emotional And Spiritual Connections With Others Cultivating These Strengths Will Build The Mental Toughness And Grit You Need To Weather Life S Inevitable Storms And Setbacks.
The book provided an insight and helpful strategies on how to overcome emotional and mental setbacks which may occur through the journey of life It is definitely empowering, spiritual, and a valuable asset for anyone pursuing true happiness Keisha has written a very insightful book which brings encouragement and hope for anyone who wants to have a positive outlook on lifea must read for everyone This book was recommended to me by a family member and I am grateful for the lessons learned I have read my fair share of self improvement books and leadership audio books, and Holistic Wealth was a breath of fresh air Outside of the typical topics of pursuing achievement, the author bring ideas such as the importance of service, mentorship and marriage to the forefront I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a different approach to excelling in life and pursuing true happiness Cheers The author went through a tragic loss of her husband with two young children at home and this experience has clearly taught her so much wisdom about how to live life fully and with no regrets She shares her lessons in a humble yet well researched way backed up by her own life experiences This is a must read for anyone who want to true wealth in all areas of life physically, spiritually, financially and relationally I love the way she especially gives steps for true financial independence and empowerment without overwhelming those who maybe intimidated by the topic I bought a copy for every member of my family