º Home Decor for 18-Inch Dolls: Create 10 Room Settings with Furniture and 15 Outfits with Accessories ↠´ Download by ☆ Joan Hinds

º Home Decor for 18-Inch Dolls: Create 10 Room Settings with Furniture and 15 Outfits with Accessories ↠´ Download by ☆ Joan Hinds Interesting book, which also shows you how to make doll furniture as well as sewing clothes Some of the dresses are in another of her books So check them before buying This has extras in though I sent from USA and expected to wait a long time But it was here within the week A good book if you can get it.
Very good, excellant help for sewing

I am enjoying the Home Dcor For 18 Inch Dolls There are some good ideas and easy to follow instructions for projects that I cannot wait to try when I start the project of making doll accessories for gifts in the near future Glad I ordered this book Having said that, I should warn anyone who plans on making wooden furniture for dolls, this is not the book for you Many of the suggested places to buy this furniture are not in business any However, for the novice, like me, there are some excellent suggestions and ideas for sewing and other projects for all dolls.
I really like her books but, this one was just a bit disappointing It s probably my own fault for not reading closely enough The home decor part is just stuff to put ON the furniture Unless you have the furniture, the only useful part is the clothing patterns Also, most of the home decor part is useful instruction for beginners Anyone with much experience, wouldn t even need the patterns for most of the rest.
I bought this book in hopes to find some simple ideas to make easy furniture for my daughters to play with their dolls with I love it The patterns are easy to follow, and the variety of room settings makes for hours of fun I only wish we had space so I could make of them The book has some patterns but all of the Furniture from Walnut hollow is discontinued I have other book from this author with similar patterns Her patterns are excellent and this book would be too if you could get the supplies I am soooo disappointed.
It says Home Decor It says Full Size patterns for fashions and accessories I was so excited because I wanted all the ideas of how to make the furniture shown on the cover thought the furniture was an accessory pattern Well, there are no furniture patterns in this book It s just pictures of bought furniture arranged in rooms and painted and or decorated in different ways It has a pattern for a rug, for a cushion, etc and clothes patterns I m going to give it away or something.
Great product easy to understand patterns Good for children to learn how to sew.
Make Room Settings And Outfits For Your Favorite Inch Dolls Joan Hinds Is Famous For Creating Wonderful Clothing And Accessories For Inch Dolls And Now Adds Home Decor To Her Design PalettePerfect For Display Or Play, These Stylish Room Settings And Adorable Outfits Will Delight Any Doll LoverYou Ll Find Everything You Need To Create Room Settings And Outfits Full Size PatternComplete Step By Step InstructionsComprehensive Materials ListsHelpful Illustrations And Photos There are lots of cute projects in this book I haven t tried any of the projects yet, but the instructions seem clearly written.