Trailer î Horse Speak: An Equine-Human Translation Guide: Conversations with Horses in Their Language PDF by ☆ Sharon Wilsie

Trailer î Horse Speak: An Equine-Human Translation Guide: Conversations with Horses in Their Language PDF by ☆ Sharon Wilsie I am only halfway through but I am totally gripped It s an excellent manual of what Monty Roberts would call Equus, which picks up neatly where joining up and travail en libert left I can t wait to experiment with this newfound knowledge.
Love it Great pics easy read, fun to implement.
This book is wonderful, and I highly recommend it Horse Speak really helped me to improve my relationship with my horse Many thanks to Sharon Going to learn a lot in this book as I really want me and the horse to understand each other.
Be Easy to read, great picture.

LOVE THIS BOOK So fascinating and very fun to work on with my horse I highly recommend it Amazing I love the book and it came pretty quick I have no idea why someone said they couldn t understand this book It is exceptionally clear, with lots of photos and easy to read.
I am a fan of Klaus Hempfling, Mark Rashid and gentle horsemanship, and this is right up there with the best Often books by talented trainers talk about attitude and posture but miss telling us the small things they do probably unconsciously that allow the horse to immediately understand them This book solves this for me Horse Speak has drawings showing where to touch the horse to get exactly the result you want I use many natural approaches but its always nice to havetools For instance I did not know that there are two places on the side of the horse s face, one indicates time to play , the other says move your head out of my space and they are only a hands width from each other I tried these with my enthusiastic but occasionally stubborn young horse and he immediately understood and did what I asked result It covers calming signals horses use, how you can give them, and respond to them.
There are example stories about horses, illustrating the ideas that are nice to read.
Each chapter has loads of short 2 min exercises that you can do with your horse.
It s a very complete book that covers groundwork with your horse to get respect and connection, plus how to do lunging, and then work at liberty.
Highly recommended Loads of brilliant and new information here that I have not found elsewhere.
Wonderfully written and organized Enlightening and very useful information for everyone who is on a journey with horses A must for all libraries Horse Speak Is Not A Training Method Or Technique It Is A Practical System For Listening And Talking To Horses In Their Language, Instead Of Expecting Them To Comprehend Ours Horse Speak Can Be Used By Anyone Who Works With Horses, Whether Riding Instructor, Colt Starter, Recreational Rider, Or Avid Competitor It Promises Improved Understanding Of What A Horse Is Telling You, And Provides Simple Replies You Can Use To Tell Him That You Hear Him, You Get It, And You Have Ideasyou Want To Share With Him, TooThe Result Time With Your Horse Will Be Full Of What Horse Trainer And Equine Assisted Learning Instructor Sharon Wilsie Of Wilsie Way Horsemanship Calls Conversations, And Soon The All Too Common Misunderstandings That Occur Between Horse And Human Will Evolve Into Civil Discussions With Positive And Progressive Results Learn Horse Speak InEasy Steps Understand Equine Communication Via Breath And Body Language And Discover The Four Gs Of Horse Speak Greeting, Going Somewhere, Grooming, And Gone Practice Regulating Your Intensity, And Sample Dozens Of Ready Made Conversations With Your Horse, As Step By Step Templates And Instructional Color Photographs Walk You Through The Eye Opening Process Of Communicating On A Whole New Level