Download Epub Format ✓ How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease (Audible Audio Edition): Michael Greger MD, Gene Stone, Michael Greger MD, Macmillan Audio: PDF by Ô Michael Greger MD

Download Epub Format ✓ How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease (Audible Audio Edition): Michael Greger MD, Gene Stone, Michael Greger MD, Macmillan Audio: PDF by Ô Michael Greger MD This is one of the best books I ve read Some reviews said they couldn t finish it but I found it so interesting and shocking that I loved reading every page I wish everyone would read this book and be healthier Also, a quarter of the book is scholarly references He does seem to base the information off of current evidence which I liked.
I changed my diet after reading this and other books and sources I ve lost 20 lbs and am much healthier.
From The Physician Behind The Wildly Popular Website Nutrition Facts, How Not To Die Reveals The Groundbreaking Scientific Evidence Behind The Only Diet That Can Prevent And Reverse Many Of The Causes Of Disease Related Death The Vast Majority Of Premature Deaths Can Be Prevented Through Simple Changes In Diet And Lifestyle In How Not To Die, Dr Michael Greger, The Internationally Renowned Nutrition Expert, Physician, And Founder Of Nutrition Facts, Examines The 15 Top Causes Of Premature Death In America Heart Disease, Various Cancers, Diabetes, Parkinson S, High Blood Pressure, And And Explains How Nutritional And Lifestyle Interventions Can Sometimes Trump Prescription Pills And Other Pharmaceutical And Surgical Approaches, Freeing Us To Live Healthier Lives The Simple Truth Is That Most Doctors Are Good At Treating Acute Illnesses But Bad At Preventing Chronic Disease The 15 Leading Causes Of Death Claim The Lives Of 1.
6 Million Americans Annually This Doesn T Have To Be The Case By Following Dr Greger S Advice, All Of It Backed Up By Strong Scientific Evidence, You Will Learn Which Foods To Eat And Which Lifestyle Changes To Make To Live Longer History Of Prostate Cancer In Your Family Put Down That Glass Of Milk, And Add Flaxseed To Your Diet Whenever You Can Have High Blood Pressure Hibiscus Tea Can Work Better Than A Leading Hypertensive Drug And Without The Side Effects Fighting Off Liver Disease Drinking Coffee Can Reduce Liver Inflammation Battling Breast Cancer Consuming Soy Is Associated With Prolonged Survival Worried About Heart Disease The Number One Killer In The United States Switch To A Whole Food, Plant Based Diet, Which Has Been Repeatedly Shown Not Just To Prevent The Disease But Often To Stop It In Its Tracks In Addition To Showing What To Eat To Help Treat The Top 15 Causes Of Death, How Not To Die Includes Dr Greger S Daily Dozen A Checklist Of The 12 Foods We Should Consume Every Day Full Of Practical, Actionable Advice And Surprising, Cutting Edge Nutritional Science, These Doctor S Orders Are Just What We Need To Live Longer, Healthier Lives PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio.
Great inspiring book that puts things right in perpective We eat crap and we need to turn this around so we can get a better life quality by getting healthier.
Filled with real life examples, sometimes personal and touching, this book provides great advices or suggestions on what to eat to give you a chance to improve your health, you life quality, and maybe get a chance to heal Obviously, he prones and is in favor of a plant based diet, vegetalian I would think that a better balance overall, and avoiding a maximum of bad food too much bad sugar , too much salt, grease and processed food , would be a good start.
It all depends where you are, also But it ends the same If you are sick, you may need to take drastic measures If you are well, or not too bad, you need to take steps.
I really like the suggestions and the input from this MD and I truly agree with him that the answer should and may not be in the pills and drugs that only puts a sometimes dangerous patch on something that needs healthier and safer remedy.
This is a book that needs to be read and shared with all your loved ones Recommended.
This is education.
I learned so much about the latest research with the various illnesses and disease from this audio book I learned what foods are good for you and which to avoid My gastroenterologist recommended this book and it has changed my life for the better All the recommendations are hard to do all at once for many my family found We had to build a repertoire of yummy plant based recipes before we could fully commit Dr Gregor has a free app that you can use to try to ensure you aim to hit all health food and water goals The research is life changing Plant based eating is not some trend and this book explains not only why but how to start moving in the rights direction My wife and I started making small steps toward a plant based diet about 8 years ago and we can tell you that the ideas conveyed in this book are right on target We have experienced it firsthand.

The so called science presented in this book has been debunked in recent studies I would recommend books by Robert H Lustig and Food What the Heck Should I Eat by Dr Mark Hyman MD instead.
Eating meat won t harm you And eating fat is not as bad as historically thought Those are old theories and it has been proven many times to be bad science It is sugar and especially fructose that ruins your health.
Eating plants is great but that is only a part of a healthy diet I can t understand why this book has so many great reviews I do think Dr Gregor is a rock star in the health community If I have a question first thing I look up the info on his website.
This is a great book, easy to read and super informative A MUST read