» How to Beat Wall Street: Everything You Need to Make Money in the Markets Plus! 20 Trading System Ideas (Audible Audio Edition): J. B. Marwood, John Eastman, Joseph Budden: Amazon.ca ê Download by  J. B. Marwood

» How to Beat Wall Street: Everything You Need to Make Money in the Markets Plus! 20 Trading System Ideas (Audible Audio Edition): J. B. Marwood, John Eastman, Joseph Budden: Amazon.ca ê Download by  J. B. Marwood The reason I am giving 5 stars is the generosity of the author in sharing trading system scripts and historical data For the price paid its an absolute steal and a no brainer The book itself is interesting and useful with plenty of worthwhile and some novel tips, although it came across as slightly disorganised My main criticisms would be that it glosses over fundamental analysis fine if that s not the authors thing but it would be nice to hear about why, and secondly it seems to give the impression that you can trade anything, forex, coffee, shares etc, all of which may be a bit much for the average Joe public.
Too bad book for trading Comes With Free Amibroker Trading System Code And Over 80 Additional Spreadsheets Of Historical Data All Can Be Downloaded Free From The JB Marwood Website With Purchase Of The Audiobook.
Malcolm Gladwell Claims The Key To Success In Any Task Is The Accumulation Of At Least 10,000 Hours Of Practice.
JB Marwood Has Such Experience And Has Used It Well Of Late, Correctly Predicting The Bottom In Stocks In 2009 And The Top In Gold In 2012 He Discloses Numerous Tips And Secrets That Professionals Use To Trade The Markets And Reveals 20 Fully Disclosed Trading Systems That Work On Real, Historical Data Many Of Which Generate Returns Of Over 20% Per Annum Praise For How To Beat Wall StreetThis Book Is Crucial For Those Wanting To Get A Head Start And Learn How The Financial Markets Really Operate Richard Budden, Fidelity UK I Would Put This On A Top Ten List Of books For New Traders And I Have read Hundreds And Even Written A Few Of Those books Myself Steve Burns.
How To Beat Wall Street Covers A Vast Amount Of Material In A Concise And Easy To read Way Including Trading Fundamentals Central Banks, Inflation, Keynes, Economic Indicators Timing Financial Ratios, Volatility Analysis, Dow Theory, Stock Market Cycles Risk Money Management Techniques, Trading Psychology Secrets Tips News Trading, Volume Analysis, Seasonal Patterns Technical Analysis MACD, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands Trading Systems Design Optimisation, 20 Stock Trading Strategies, Fully Disclosed Amibroker Systems Resources Bonus Material Comprehensive Resource Material, Best Trading books Bibliography And Bonus Section And This book is real excellent and a good bargain Plenty of good tips and explanation about trading You can learn a lot.
Highly recommended.
Great Excellent ResourceGreat, practical guide that is an excellent addition to any trader s library The trading systems presented provide a variety of alternatives and good ideas for further research The author also generously provides the codes for the systems upon request I didn t necessarily find the Fundamentals section to be particularly useful, but I probably wasn t the audience for that part of the book I understand why it was included All in all, though, a worthwhile read and resource.
The book is very elementary, it barely scratches the surface of everything, telling you how important central bank decisions are, for example The problem is that even some of the very basic elementary stuff is not written in a very clear way The trade ideas are tersely written, without much elaboration as to how robust they are, etc All these make me wonder how much effort has been put into writing this book If you admit that you don t know anything about financial markets and trading, then this book might be for you But even then why would you start with this book when there are hundreds better out there

Good value for the money, but nothing earth shattering here.
I thought after reading that the author is a professional in this area that we DO see some of the insider tactics and strategies revealed It is no secret that Wall Street and their computer algos are well aware of the classic technical analysis patterns, typical entries of traders etc I had hoped for some acknowledgement of this fact by a pro, instead there is a lot of general info that can be found for free on the net At best something for extreme beginners.
Not a single original thought in the whole book.