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[ Pdf How to Defeat Your Own Clone: And Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech Revolution É philip-ii-of-spain PDF ] by Kyle Kurpinski Ó This book is awesome It s extremely well written with a deep but not too deep insight into the practical effects of genetics like making chocolate flavored broccoli or adding spines to your skin while also debunking many movie myths about clones it s really hard to make an exact duplicate without renting out your mother s womb It manages to be scientifically precise while also maintaining a very fun, almost whimsical feel throughout the entire book It s possible to finish it in a weekend and you will most likely be tempted to do just that If you like random science facts mixed with a dash of humor, this is for you.
This book is written with a delightful sense of humor, yet the authors clearly take the subject seriously Fun to read, thoughtful, and thought provoking Kurpinski and Johnson admit right up front what so many from the highest halls of government on down refuse to recognize The biotech genie is out of the bottle and he isn t going back in, so we d better get to thinking about how we are going to handle things, rather than pretend it will all just go away.
A fun book with lots of entertaining scientific facts Definitely presented in a humorous way that takes the boring factor out of a serious topic but doesn t come across as ridiculous I loved the sarcasm, silliness and mostly the chuckles these educated yet lighthearted authors gave me Thanks Guys I am a free person now, free to do whatever I want Yesterday I finished reading this book I could not drop everything and read it 24 7, there are some things I have to do no matter what But for the last few days, every minute I could, I enjoyed this book It s the best thing I read lately Written by a Teacher, Terry D Johnson I don t know anything about the second author , on the highest professional level, this book can be easy understood by everyone with basic education provided the reader is truly curious about bioengineering and would google the terms he she does not know But for those who are still in search of his her professional destiny the book might be an irreplaceable source of inspiration and important decisions.
Send In The Clones On Second Thought, Maybe NotN IT read MY MIND WILL IT BE EVIL HOW DO I STOP IT Find Out The Answers To These And Other Burning Questions In This Funny, Informative, And Ingenious Book From Two Bioengineering Experts Who Show You How To Surviveand Thrivein A New Age Of Truly Weird ScienceFor Decades, Science Fiction Has Been Alerting Us To The Wonders And Perils Of Our Biotech Futurefrom The Prospects Of Gene Therapy To The Pitfalls Of Biological Warfare Now That Future Looms Before Us Dont Panic This Book Is All You Need To Prepare For The New World That Awaits Us, Providing Indispensable Cautionary Advice On Topics Such As Bioenhancements Theyre Not Just For Cyborgs Any DNA Sequencing And Fingerprinting Whats Scarier Than The Government Having Your DNA On File Try Having It Posted On The Internet Human Cloning Just Like You, Only Stronger, Smarter, And Attractive In Other Words Dangerous Our Future May Be Populated By Designer Babies, Genetically Enhanced Supersoldiers, And One Or Of Your Genetic Duplicates, But All Is Not Lost How To Defeat Your Own Clone Is The Ultimate Survival Guide To What Lies Ahead Just Remember The First Rule Of Engagement Dont Ever Let Your Clone read This Book