ç How to Invest in Gold and Silver: A Complete Guide with a Focus on Mining Stocks ↠´ Download by ↠´ Don Durrett

ç How to Invest in Gold and Silver: A Complete Guide with a Focus on Mining Stocks ↠´ Download by ↠´ Don Durrett The data put forth in news releases about drilling results and other performance criteria by mining companies might as well be written in Urdu if you do not have a degree in geology Mr Durrett s book provides clear explanations of the meaning of this esoteric data and, importantly, it explains what data is most important to an investor and why it is important.
The book also provides a technique for comparing different mining stocks by classifying them into logical categories by the size of their deposits, their stage of development, the life expectancy of their mines, their market capitalization and their potential profitability He also offers a superb database that includes all relevant data for over 500 mining stocks on his web site.
Highly recommended for anyone who is proposing to invest in mining stocks.
I had previously invested in PM mining stocks before I read this book I used valuation techniques not suitable for the mining industry although they were solid stocks I have lost out on higher potential returns, which I realized after reading this book I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the sector as it is easy to read and understand The valuation techniques are basic but they point you in the right direction and great for comparing companies The key to any investment is to buy low and sell high This book provides the guidance to find undervalued stocks for out sized returns It carters to those looking for minimum risk with decent returns and those looking for higher returns albeit higher risk.
Don provides great advice on how to minimize any risks.
It also provides great advice on buying precious metals I have to say I agree completely with his recommendations.
If you are new to the area of precious metals investing read this book as it with provide you with key information that I wish I had before I started.
The key issue with this book it was written during the bull market during 2010 and 2011 Many of the mining companies he has evaluated and given his positive opinion, such as Jaguar mining, are not price from a penny to 51 cents Things have changed, and you must reevaluate and study each company you are interested in That said, he teaches and shows you how to evaluate a gold mining stock Note importantly that it differs from other non metal commodities You learn about cash flow, debt ratios, stock structure, how to evaluate and understand resources, versus reserves He even gives you definitions to the terms you need to know, such as stocks outstanding, dilutions, market cap and Another important factor is he provides a listing of all Major Mining companies, all mid sized, and junior explorers This is a book for beginners, and excellent at that He discusses how and why to invest in gold and silver bullion as well as coins You will learn also about precious metal ETFs, electronic trading funds and about precious metal mutual funds Over all this book is of great benefit to get you started, I caution however that in my humble opinion his passion, seems to be over extended into some of his predictions for the future Precious metals, are ideal in a bad economy, but I wish he discussed his experience when stocks tanked, because of specific risks, and economic changes He talks only about a bull market One needs to learn when to take some money off the table, and when to bail or buy, that is why one must become a student of information This book is a great start.
I particularly enjoyed the stock valuation aspect of the book Some very interesting ideas and methods to consider That alone was well worth the purchase price.
I only wish he had expanded his excellent and well considered methodology to include base metal and other commodity companies as well Which brings me to the first part of the book gold bugs can be such one eyed zealots about precious metals that it blinds them to possibilities in other asset classes.
I think we re probably close to a resumption of a bull market in gold silver hence my purchase So Don s thinking should be quite useful when that day arrives Therefore I would recommend this book to anyone considering gold and silver investments particularly bullion, ETFs and stocks especially junior stocks.
However, expanding the book s scope to other commodities would have been even useful Perhaps I will try to do something like that myself, using Don s book ideas as an inspiration.
Best metals advice I have seen in three decades of following the sector Comprehensive Takes neophytes and seasoned investors where they need to be to make intelligent decisions for their future from mining stocks to hard assets in your hand Don is not simply an adviser, he also has authored 11 books that I know of so his writing is smooth and logical If you ever feel uneasy with the way our Gov is printing money and the debt load, you should get this book I should also point out that he is not simply a cheerleader for metals investing, he also points out the risk levels and how to assess your tolerance Investment advice gets no better than this, in my opinion.
About 25% of this book is advice I d describe as timeless The rest of it is about 4 years out of date On the positive side, the lists of stocks and prices from yesteryear are good historical background and a good indicator vs today s prices of what can happen if you are wrong Want To Invest In Gold And Silver, But Aren T Sure How How To Invest In Gold And Silver Is A Practical Guide For Investors Who Are New To The Emerging Gold And Silver Markets Written In Clear Layman S Terms, This Forward Thinking Book Is Packed With Information To Help Gold And Silver Investors Navigate An Exciting, Timely And Largely Unexplored Market How To Invest In Gold And Silver Includes An Overview That Explains The Wisdom Of Gold And Silver Investments In Today S Economic Environment Indispensible Information On How To Manage The Risk Of Gold And Silver Assets A Step By Step Strategy To Investing In Bullion And Coins Clear Explanations On Using ETFs Electronic Trading Funds And Options The Pros And Cons Of Investing In Major, Mid Tier And Junior Mining Companies And A How To Methodology For Making Informed Choices For The Best Gains In His Pioneering Work, Author Don Durrett Shares The Details Of His Own Systematic, Successful Approach To Investing In Gold And Silver This Easy To Follow Book Shows Investors How To Take Advantage Of The Rising Prices Of Precious Metals Using A Balanced Portfolio Of Gold And Silver Assets Armed With This Knowledge You Will Be Able To Invest With Confidence