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[Thomas C. Michaud] Ó Human Locomotion: The Conservative Management of Gait-Related Disorders [mannerpunk PDF] Read Online Û I bought this book to help me with my Podiatry Degree it s superb in explaining some of the difficult concepts around joint movements It s a real help can see it having a permanent place on my bookshelf Excellent.
And absolutely fascinating book The chapter on the Paleo archaeology of the evolution of bipedal gait Is wonderful It is not my field and so it provides a wonderful summary The Author discusses the anatomy of the feet in depth and the biomechanics of walking and running in ways that are quite helpful for the squatter, clinician, or serious athlete.
This book is informative, intense and worth every penny Let me start by saying, I am a chiropractic physician that specializes in sports medicine DACBSP I m also a triathlete and USAT certified triathlon coach This book offers the reader insight into how we became bipeds as well as all the anatomy and biomechanics of being bipeds The book is exceptionally well researched with references If you want to learn biomechanics of proper walking running, running injuries, prevention of injuries, corrections of foot and lower extremity problems, therapies, treatments, rehabilitation, this book is for you.
I ve used the information in this book as well as from Dr Michaud s on line articles to help manage lower extremity and running injuries in patients, improve my triathlete client s running mechanics and have used this information to improve my own running form after a year of being out of triathlon and running.
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Another DACBSP recommended this text to me as a tremendous resource This is my can t put down reference text and I m so greatful that I purchased this If you are going to deal with athletes then this book is a must It always amazed me that even after the advanced degrees and certifications there can still be a significant gap in your knowledge in certain clinical areas For me this area seemed to be one that school and post doctoral training just glossed over and didn t provide the depth I wanted to be able to help every patient This text will fill those gaps and calm any fears as you will soon realize that this is a game changer in your clinical practice.
concise, well written textbook Useful for any provider that evaluates treats lower extremity disorders.
Anything you would want to know about human locomotion is probably in this book It s a pretty dense read with lots of research to back it up I found some parts to be difficult to read and apply to clinical practice, so it took me a long time to get through the book I ve actually attempted to read it several times and failed I would use thisas a reference text and wouldn t encourage anyone to read it all the way through at a given time I ve also found that some sections areapplicable than others Definitely a good book for anyone treating runners though.
Michaud has made a major contribution to the evolution, and biomechanics of human motion In addition, he has explained what treatments work in motion related injuries, and why others don t Michaud who is the running therapist to the marathoning stars has done it all, the research, the brilliantly simple writing, and the breath taking artwork Nothing like this has previously existed in the field A must read for especially endurance athletes and those who treat them.
In The Course Of A Year, ThanMillion Runners Will Fracture At Least One Bone And Approximately % Will Suffer Some Form Of Overuse Injury That Prevents Them From Running Despite The Widespread Prevalence Of Gait Related Injuries, The Majority Of Health Care Practitioners Continue To Rely On Outdated And Ineffective Treatment Protocols Emphasizing Passive Interventions, Such As Anti Inflammatory Medications And RestWith ThanReferences AndIllustrations, Dr Michaud S Text On Human Locomotion Presents A Logical Approach To The Examination, Assessment, Treatment And Prevention Of Gait Related Injuries Beginning With A Complete Review Of The Evolution Of Bipedality, This Textbook Goes On To Describe The Functional Anatomy Of Each Joint In The Lower Extremity, Pelvis, And Spine This Information Is Then Related To Normal And Abnormal Motions During The Gait Cycle, Providing The Most Comprehensive Description Of Human Locomotion Ever PublishedHuman Locomotion Also Discusses A Wide Range Of Conservative Interventions, Including A Detailed Guide To Manual Therapies, A Complete Review Of Every Aspect Of Orthotic Intervention, Along With Illustrated Explanations Of Hundreds Of Rehabilitative Stretches And Exercises The Final Chapter Summarizes State Of The Art, Proven Conservative Treatment Interventions, Providing Specific Protocols For Dozens Of Common Gait Related Injuries, Including Achilles Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Stress Fractures And Hamstring Strains Whether You Are A Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Pedorthist Or Podiatrist, This Text Provides Practical Information That Will Change The Way You Practice Excellent book specially the graphics So incredibly detailed, love this book.