Ì If I Can't Have You: Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance, and the Murder of Her Children ✓ Download by ✓ Gregg Olsen

Ì If I Can't Have You: Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance, and the Murder of Her Children ✓ Download by ✓ Gregg Olsen A DEVOTED MOTHER GOES MISSINGEvery Once In A Great While A Genuine Murder Mystery Unfolds Before The Public S Eyes Such Is The Tragic Case Of Susan Powell And Her Murdered Boys, Charlie And Braden When The Pretty Utah Mother Went Missing In December Of 2009, The Media Was Swept Up In The Story With Lenses And Microphones Trained On Susan S Husband, Josh He Said He Had No Idea What Happened To Susan And That He And The Boys Had Been Camping In The Middle Of A Snowstorm It Was Hard To Know What, Or Who, To Believe.
AND A CYCLE OF DEVASTATION BEGINS Over The Next Three Years, Bombshell By Bombshell, A World Of Secrets About The Powell Family Came To Light Josh S Father, Steve, Who Was Sexually Obsessed With Susan, Would Ultimately Be Convicted Of Unspeakable Perversion Josh S Brother, Michael, Would Commit Suicide And In The Most Stunning Event Of Them All, Josh Powell Would Murder His Two Little Boys Before Killing Himself Why Did He Do It What Really Happened To Susan This Is The Shocking True Story Of The Powell Family That No Reader Will Soon Forget.
Well researched.
Book was an interesting read although it is disturbing that there was no resolution Rest in peace to Susan and her boys A gift for my sister that she loved She was thrilled to read Even after reading just a Sample of this sad book, I did not carry on as it was immediately obvious that the incompetent police would already mean that sickening, unnecessary tragedy would follow and yet the police did so little to do the right things the entire time that it was soon obvious what was going to happen No one else seemed to care about doing full follow up either which was even stunning and disturbing and so it was no surprise to realize that soon other innocents would die because of the police incompetency This just seems to happen and all the time which I do not understand it all when it is so very obvious and so I was just too disgusted to carry on reading.
I have always loved Gregg Olsen, but this book just doesn t keep my interest I am 40% through the book and hope it will eventually catch my attention.
I received this book in the mail today i am on Chapter 5 and i can t put this book down it really grabs you and pulls you into the story i wont ruin it by saying what i read so far but i will say EVERYONE SHOULD OWN THIS BOOK every book i have read by Gregg Olsen never disappointed me he s truly a great true crime writer and a must add to your book collection if your a true crime fan, KEEP THEM TRUE CRIME STORIES COMING GREGG D a true crime story susan powell goes missing her husband is suspected of killing her josh is a piece of nasty work a horrible human being the police try every method of trying to get the truth from him but after a long fight for custody of his 2 children he kills them both and then himself susans mum and dad fight to this day to try and find her body so she can be laid to rest.
gregg olsen has written an excellent story with a great deal to detail a must read but a very sad story.
Was a well written book with lots of details Somewhat repetitive though Since it is a true story of course the content is very interesting Quite disturbing though but understandable since it isn t a story with a happy ending unfortunately My heart goes out to those families Such distinction and tragedy.
Not the best book I have read.
I have read maybe hundreds of true crime books and this one seemed hard work to me.
Although it is a terribly sad story,it isn t one that I found hard to put down.
The author is all over the place,constantly switching to different times and era s throughout the book.
I don t think I would buy another book written by them.