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[ Read Online Investing in Oil and Gas (Audible Audio Edition): Mike May P.E., Dean Wendt, Mike May: Amazon.ca Ð womens-rights PDF ] by Mike May P.E. Õ I ve read a lot of books on the specific subject matter, and found that this one really threads a lot of the key concepts together in a precise and easily readable manner Baaaad Letter are huge, it looked like a children s book The letter type looked a copy of old books, graphs were horrible Content.
does not intend to what the title assumes See other reviews Part I Oil And Gas Operations Covers Oil And Gas Operations In The Field It Includes Historical And Structural Geology, Seismic Surveying, Drilling A Well, Well Logging, Completions, Production Methods, Reservoir Drive Mechanisms, Selling Oil And Natural Gas, And Workovers Part II Oil And Gas Business Delves Deeply Into The Business Side Of Oil And Gas Investments The Book Covers Oil And Gas Leases Clause By Clause, Oil And Gas Law, The Players In An Oil And Gas Deal, Deal Structures, Economic Evaluation Of Investment Opportunities, And Federal Taxation Part III 150 Questions To Consider Before You Invest Provides Over 150 Specific Questions To Ask Before You Invest In An Oil And Gas Deal These Questions Will Advance Your Understanding Of Any Investment You Are Considering And Serve As A Critical Resource When You Are Performing Due Diligence Part IV Glossary Of Oil And Gas Terms I was recently approached by phone to do an oil investment by some random company The numbers and tax advantages of the deal sounded amazing to me, but I knew not the first thing about the oil business I didn t know what was a good deal and what wasn t I ended up turning down the deal and decided to research the business end of oil wells and learn about how the whole process works I wanted to be educated before throwing my money around.
Being a beginner in oil gas investments I picked up this book to get up to speed with oil gas wells It is hard to find books that focus on the private drilling business end of things and this book explains exactly that I don t want to put my money in a common oil stock or index I know that there is much money to be made and greater tax advantages getting in on the business side of things This book covers that This book walks you through not just the business side, but also the geology, drilling, production and refining side of oil as well Having read the book I now feel much knowledgeable and comfortable in negotiating oil gas investments I now have a basic understanding of all the different components involved in an oil or gas deal and am able to explain the process to my partners and family members.
Chapter 12 was my favorite chapter as it explained how a typical oil gas deal goes about This chapter really put it all together and allowed me to see everything I had been reading about in action I really do think that I now have a pretty good understanding of the different parties involved and the different ways that percentages and fees are paid.
I would highly recommend this book to anybody looking to gain insight into investing in oil and gas wells A well organized, fantastic read Excellent Soup to nuts with a great background Everything just as promised Would buy again, if needed is the best there is Nothing to say Thank you.
I bought the kindle version of this book and found it very basic While it would be good for someone without and oil and gas background, if you know the basics already, this book is lacking I was looking for an international perspective, but this book only deals with the US and does not give an international look at investing You should buy it if you know very little about oil and gas and are interested in investing in US joint ventures.

Based on the excellent reviews probably false I bought this book Due to the high number of pages I was expecting higher contents in line with Oil 101 Written with a font size fitting for a first grader it s pure iinfomercial.
No depth in content, very poor packaging of the information.
utterly useless A complete waste of money For a novice investor this is a good introduction.
to see how the oil and gas industry works,,, by an authoritative author This book is the most informative book I have read on investing in the oil gas industry I bought this book and 4 others as well After reading them all, this book left the others in the dust It is the most complete by far One of the most helpful things in the book are the check lists in the back, that list all the information needed prior to making a deal in this industry This book is a must have before investing in oil and gas Debbie