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✓ Read ☆ It's OK That You're Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand (Audible Audio Edition): Megan Devine, Megan Devine, Sounds True: Amazon.ca by Megan Devine á A New Resource For Those Experiencing Loss With It S OK That You Re Not OK, Megan Devine Offers A Profound New Approach To Both The Experience Of Grief And The Way We Help Others Who Have Endured Tragedy Having Experienced Grief From Both Sides As Both A Therapist And As A Woman Who Witnessed The Accidental Drowning Of Her Beloved Partner Megan Writes With Deep Insight About The Unspoken Truths Of Loss, Love, And Healing She Debunks The Culturally Prescribed Goal Of Returning To A Normal, Happy Life, Replacing It With A Far Healthier Middle Path, One That Invites Us To Build A Life Alongside Grief Rather Than Seeking To Overcome It On This Unabridged Audio Recording read By The Author, Megan Offers Stories, Research, Life Tips, And Creative And Mindfulness Based Practices To Guide Us Through An Experience We All Must Face With Megan S Gentle But Direct Guidance, You Ll Learn Why Well Meaning Advice, Therapy, And Spiritual Wisdom So Often End Up Making It Harder For People In Grief How Challenging The Myths Of Grief Doing Away With Stages, Timetables, And Unrealistic Ideals About How Grief Should Unfold Allows Us To Accept It As A Mystery To Be Honored Instead Of A Problem To Solve Practical Guidance For Managing Stress, Improving Sleep, And Decreasing Anxiety Without Trying To Fix Your Pain Many People Who Have Suffered A Loss Feel Judged, Dismissed, And Misunderstood By A Culture That Wants To Solve Grief Megan Writes, Grief No Needs A Solution Than Love Needs A Solution It S OK That You Re Not OK Is A Book For Grieving People, Those Who Love Them, And All Those Seeking To Love Themselves And Each Other Better This book was an incredible experience from start to finish Having lost my father suddenly a few months ago I have been on a journey to find a book on grief that actually captured how I was feeling, and this was that book There was no platitudes, rules, timelines or anything like that to follow It was honest and real and summed up every emotion I have been feeling since my father s death I recommend this book to any grievers out there.
Megan Devine has started a AMAZING conversation around grief, loss, and love When you understand that one can be ok, not being ok, it normalizes grief Grief is NOT a pathologyno than love is a pathology Thank you Megan for sharing your grief, love, and wisdom I am buying this book in boxes of 5 I am now a grief warrior Random acts of griefness can be found everywhere 3 3 Acknowledgment and recognition, served straight up beginning with the dedication For those who are the stuff of other people s nightmares Filled with insights on the full realities of deep grief and our culture s aversion to pain, this book is a must read for those who ve suffered a deep loss, including an out of order death, and those who want most to support them This is the book I wish I d had when my younger brother died 14 years after his death, I know these words hold the wisdom of what it takes to survive a death you will never get over As the author states Some things cannot be fixed They can only be carried Her compassionate words have the power to carry you.
This book is a must read I recommend it to everyone It s freat for people going through lose, people supporting them and really anyone Give you an understanding of how you feel and speaks in a way that you can relate This book will benefit anyone who either knows someone experiencing grief or is experiencing it themselves.
I can t thank Megan Devine enough for creating this book I truly believe this book is the catalyst to send the way society views and handles grief in the right direction.
There are so many grief resources out there but they all seemed to say the same things and many feel insulting and outdated Megan Devine s book is a much needed breath of fresh air She doesn t try to tell you things are going to get better or they d want you to lead a happy life or any other statement that, whether intentionally or not, feels diminishing and basically like a slap in the face Its Ok That You re Not Ok is a must read for anyone and personally I think it should be the new standard in schools to teach people how to treat those going through grief as well as those who have lost.
Countless thank yous to the author, Megan Devine You are sending society in the right direction.
I loved this book and I think you will too Megan is transforming how we approach our own and others grief I read this after my son was stillborn and found it to be a gentle salve for a harsh wound I have since lent it to another grief warrior I posted her Dos and Don ts for friends on our fridge for than a year after my loss She will change the grief landscape and hopefully change some harsh words that you hear in your head or from others while you find your path in this new life after grief Thank you for this book, Megan.
I never do book reviews, but this extraordinary piece of kindness that I randomly stumbled upon definitely deserves one For me, giving myself the simplest validation it s OK that you re not OK is priceless.
I am a psychologist and I am personally affected by grief I have a degree that is completely useless to me when facing the reality of loss But that s the way we are taught In desperation to understand myself and to learn how to contain the magnitude of my feelings I read most of the very little that is available on this topic Useless theories, stages and disorders I ve also been fed with much of the current mindfulness and positivity nightmare Our culture does not only not understand, it is also silent Grief is uncomfortable so let s just get it over with quickly Ignorance hurts Platitudes hurt Forced positivity hurts Unlike any other book, It s OK That You re not OK normalizes what is in our society wrongly pathologized in people who are in their most vulnerable state The author is generous with her own experience, doesn t avoid what is difficult and describes grief with its raw ugliness instead of trying to paint artificial rainbows all over it You won t find empty words of advice, no easy steps to grant your way back to normal But it may become your guide to simply learning to be with what is yours to be with.
This should be a mandatory read for everyone who hasn t been touched by a great loss yet And it is a very gentle and validating read for those who have If you are struggling, reading this book may be just the act of kindness you can show yourself.
I highly recommend this book If you ve suffered deep loss or you want to be a support to someone who has suffered deep loss, this book is for you So basically everyone It s exhausting dealing with people s lack of understanding of grief It is not something you get through or get over It is something to be carried Megan s book is unlike any other So much of it speaks to me as evidenced by the huge amount of underlining I ve done She is able to articulate so much of what I m feeling thinking And that is such a blessing Don t bother giving flowers, give this book instead I ve already given several copies out.
I bought this after my Mum passed away a few months ago unexpectedly It is probably the most oddly comforting book about grief I ve read I have found it really helpful and it is so different to lots of other books out there Anything that allows you to acknowledge the painfulness of a loss whilst giving hope of a future where suffering without a loved one is alleviated is worth reading.