☆ It Starts with the Egg: How the Science of Egg Quality Can Help You Get Pregnant Naturally, Prevent Miscarriage, and Improve Your Odds in IVF ↠´ Download by ↠´ Rebecca Fett

☆ It Starts with the Egg: How the Science of Egg Quality Can Help You Get Pregnant Naturally, Prevent Miscarriage, and Improve Your Odds in IVF ↠´ Download by ↠´ Rebecca Fett Highly recommend this book for PCOSers We had been trying for 7 years having tried fertility treatment with no luck I followed some of the recommendations in this book and we finally have our little girl I truest believe it was some of the changes from this book that finally tipped the fertility scale in our favour.
A Practical And Evidence Backed Approach For Improving Egg Quality And Fertility Fully Revised And Updated In The Latest Scientific Research Reveals That Egg Quality Has A Powerful Impact On How Long It Takes To Get Pregnant And The Risk Of Miscarriage Poor Egg Quality Is In Fact The Single Most Common Cause Of Age Related Infertility, Recurrent Miscarriage, And Failed IVF Cycles Based On A Vast Array Of Scientific Research, It Starts With The Egg Provides A Comprehensive Program For Improving Egg Quality In Three Months, With Specific Advice Tailored To A Variety Of Fertility Challenges Including Endometriosis, Unexplained Infertility, Diminished Ovarian Reserve, PCOS, And Recurrent Miscarriage With Concrete Strategies Such As Minimizing Exposure To Common Environmental Toxins, Choosing The Right Vitamins And Supplements To Safeguard Developing Eggs, And Harnessing Nutritional Advice Shown To Boost IVF Success Rates, This Book Offers Practical Solutions That Will Help You Get Pregnant Faster And Deliver A Healthy Baby Really useful tips It was recommended to be by a friend who went through IVF Although we aren t there yet, there are different stages of treatment they offer which is great weather you re new to the infertility diagnosis or it s old news they re options to help make a difference I also like it because it doesn t preach I m never going to be the totally clean eating never have a glass of wine except of course if this works only do gentle yoga and meditate every day girl so these things are practice and achievable.
This book has a number of great ideas for how to boost egg quality I give it four stars rather than five because I didn t love the layout and writing style as much as the content.
I m going through IVF right now and this book has been a Godsend So much information and appropriate supplement plans based on what your infertility issue is.
The recommended supplements advanced plan really helped me get my egg quality up to speed I got 8 blastocysts and I m 38 It s well researched, helpful, well written and essential for those going through IVF I m now using it for the embryo transfer

Update just had my second retrieval round, and wanted to give an update Huge improvement And the only thing I did differently was use the information in this book My first round was in August before any changes, second round was in December after the changes in this book.
Total Eggs retrieved First round 10Second round 6Mature eggs First round 5Second round 4Number of eggs fertilizedFirst round 4Second round 4Number of eggs that made it to day 5First round 2Second round 4Although the number of eggs were similar the quality of each was very improved My doctor was very impressed Been trying to get pregnant for about a year with a fertility clinic Have had three failed IUIs and one failed IVF round Bought this to try to improve my chances, just starting my second round of IVF now, hoping to update this review once I know if the information helped In terms of the book itself, very well written, full of great advice and scientific backing Great read.
This book was very informative I thought I liked the books that provided anecdotal evidence of what women had done to get pregnant, but after a few of them, I was frustrated thinking How do I know this is going to work for me I still have that question, but this book provides science to back up the claims, not my neighbor s best friend s daughter tried this You should too I also suffer from DOR, and appreciate the evidence presented in this book I have incorporated the supplement recommendations for four months and so far no change The author s AFC went up to 21, which seems very unrealistic for us DOR sufferers I wish she spent time talking about how that was not likely for many women with similar issues She glossed over it.
Overall, good book I would recommend it.