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✓ Jamie's Italy Ê Download by ☆ Jamie Oliver Bestselling Author Jamie Oliver Finally Devotes An Entire Book To America S Favorite Cuisine Italian Italy And Its Wonderful Flavors Have Always Had A Major Influence On Jamie Oliver S Food And Cooking In Jamie S Italy, He Travels This Famously Gastronomic Country Paying Homage To The Classic Dishes Of Each Region And Searching For New Ideas To Bring Home The Result Is A Sensational Collection Of Italian Recipes, Old And New, That Will Ensure That Italy S Influence Reaches Us All Italy Has Inspired Jamie Oliver Throughout His Career His Ambition Has Always Been To Travel Across The Country On A Quest To Capture The Very Essence Of Italian Cooking And To Produce The Best And Simplest Italian Cookbook For Everybody Anywhere To Enjoy Jamie S Italy Is The Result Of That Journey And It S A Land Of Plenty As Well As Providing Than Brand New Recipes For Everything From Risotto To Roasts And Spaghetti To Stews, Structured As Traditional Trattoria Menus, Jamie Takes You All Over Italy To Cook With And Learn From The Real Masters Of Italian Cuisine The Locals Far From The Standard Lemons And Olives Version Of Italian Cooking, Jamie S Italy Is A Cookbook By The People For The People From Sicily To Tuscany, It S About The Local Fishermen, Family Bakers, And, Of Course, The Mamas, Sharing Their Recipes And The Tips That Have Gone Into Their Cooking For Generations But It S Not Only Mouthwatering Food That Jamie Brings Back Home It S Also The Spirit That Makes Cooking And Eating Absolutely Central To Family Life, Whichever Part Of Italy You Re In Bursting With The Warmth And Hospitality Of Real Family Life, This Is Both A Superbly Accessible Cookbook And A Unique Travelogue And Diary, In Which You Ll Find The Authentic Flavor Of Italy And The People Who Live There If You Love Quality Food Prepared With Genuine Passion You Ll Never Want To Leave Jamie S Italy Na poca em que este livro estava em seu auge aqui no Brasil, acredito que entre 2007 e 2008, eu n o o comprei, mas fiquei com ele na cabe a por in meros elogios que aqui e ali eu ouvia Quando uma livraria na cidade fechou as portas, fazendo antes uma grande promo o de livros, este foi um dos que escolhi para levar para casa.
Ele tem um estilo de edi o parecido com alguns outros do mesmo autor, com fotos incr veis do David Loftus e um texto de entrada em cada receita, bem informal A divis o do livro praticamente obedece ao servi o de um banquete italiano, come ando pelos antepastos e terminando nas sobremesas, mas antes com uma introdu o sobre o que seria essa It lia de Jamie , ou seja, a experi ncia gastron mica e cultural do autor no pa s.
E o legal do livro exatamente este relato pessoal, como se fosse um di rio de viagem de tudo que ele encontrou por l lugares, pessoas, ingredientes N o se trata de um livro de receitas italiano aut ntico, claro, mas como ele pr prio deixa marcado no t tulo do livro, a maneira como ele experimenta a It lia, assim como cada um de n s pode conhecer um pouco de um lugar atrav s de sua comida At porque, e isso um assunto constante no livro, cada fam lia italiana tem um jeito muito pr prio de fazer as coisas.
O ponto forte de A It lia de Jamie a conversa do autor com o leitor, j caracter stica do Jamie Oliver, tanto em seus livros como em seus programas de TV, lembrando muitas vezes um texto de blog De ponto fraco eu apontaria apenas algumas escolhas da diagrama o dispensaria algumas p ginas pretas com texto em fonte branca e da tradu o o tradutor chega at a debochar de uma dica do Jamie Oliver , al m disso, achei muito estranho n o ter receitas de p es, mas no geral o livro muito bonito e estou com v rias receitas marcadas para fazer.
My grandparents came from Sicily and most of the dishes in this book are the dishes I grew up cooking and eating These are the dishes I just throw together from habit not from a recipe But there were two recipes in this book that I decided to try and they were both OUTRAGEOUSLY delicious They were so good that I could not believe that I cooked them The first one I tried was the pasta with anchovies in tomato sauce It took 3 different pans but it was simple to prepare and had me almost howling with pleasure Then I tried the bruschette with eggplant and mint OMG So simple, so delicious This will be a recipe that I prepare weekly this summer.
I ve only seen Jamie Oliver on television one time so I was not that familar with him or his cookingbut now I am sold, I am a fan I really like the layout of this book, I like his philosophy on cooking, and I like the simplicity of his style.
Funny story to go along with this review One day my sister said she didn t understand why anyone would want to go out to eat Italian food, because she said, you eat it so often at home why would you want to eat it at a resturarnt She really didn t understand that not everyone eats this food on an almost daily basis lolSome family favorites featured in this cookbook are 1 caponata.
this is the bread and butter or chips and salsa of the Scilian diet No family get together is complete without it 2 pasta alla NormaI didn t know this dish had a name It s just always been pasta with eggplant at my housebut a rose is still rose and 3 my favorite ribollitaagain another dish I did not know the name of, I make this without the fennel and use veggie for me Italian sausage instead It s a wonderful dish that really hits the spot on a cold rainy spring day.
If you are looking for a cookbook full of authentic real life recipes, this is it If you are looking for a cookbook with dishes full of the WOW factor, this is it too I m picking up another Jamie Oliver at the library tonight.
Jamie pasta s, pesto s and mutch.
This is one of my favorite cookbooks, surprisingly written by a non Italian Jamie Oliver immerses himself in the Italian culture and brings out the best parts of their cookingsimply prepared foods made with the best and freshest ingredients I m a vegetarian, and though the book includes meat recipes and one really gross picture of a lamb being slaughtered , there are ample meat free recipes that are extremely tasty The book s highlights a fantastic pizza recipe, and Spaghetti Alla Trapanese I still have many recipes to try Jamie s 2005 cookbook is anything but pretentious or following any weird food hypes The book is typically Jamie his use of the word tiger , the pictures of people cooking, rather than pictures of the food they are cooking, the insistence of using good ingredients and numerous pictures of a broad smiling Jamie He does not pretend to be cooking Italian like an Italian, but he presents a different take on Italian food which is known to people outside of Italy His starting point is what the British audience likes about Italian food, but he offers new dishes and ingredients to spark their imagination The recipes are easy to follow and can actually be put into practice I am looking forward to be making my own pasta and to serve a flavoursome roast without to much effort and stress.
Who doesn t love Jamie I used to love watching his first show, I think on BBC, and he was amazing Never measuring anything, always fun, and totally stunning concoctions This book is no different, he is exactly the same as he always is, and he is perfect Get the book I like Jamie He, like Bittman and Pepin, is also focused on fast and healthy meals, but he s a bit sloppy when it comes to measurements What constitutes a small bunch How much is some I mean, once you ve got your bearings in the kitchen, you can probably sort it out, but if you re a new cook you might be intimidated by this cooking by feel method However, I mainly checked this one out of the library for the amazing looking Italian pizzas, and I m looking forward to trying some of his unusual ingredient pairings Plus baking your own pizza is cheap yet impressive Just gotta find me a damn marble slab gah Oh If you like Jamie, I would also highly recommend his iPhone iPod Touch app It s only 4.
99, and totally worth it for the videos that ll teach you how to not be afraid of buying and eating fish, and how to work your knife skills, and that kind of thing, along with some of his fast, fresh recipes He ll also convince you that you MUST HAVE a mortar and pestle Really P.
S You can download it here Even if the recipes weren t wonderful, I love the photos and commentary But ohmyfrikkingod, the pizza dough alone is worth buying this book.
My review over at 101 Cookbooks Library yes, I am too lazy to retype it May 12, 2010This is one of my favorite cookbooks, hands down The photographs are beautiful, the recipes are easy to follow, and you can feel Jamie s passion for this food emanating from every page This is also one of my toddler s favorite cookbooks she will thumb through and gaze at each page slowly, taking great care to pick just the right recipe for that evening s meal.
The usefulness of this book depends in large part on how many Italian cookbooks you already own I previewed this via the library and fortunately so, because I already have most of these recipes, or close enough But if this will be your first, second, or third Italian book, it could still be quite worthwhile and the instructions are straightforward with plenty of photos It does seem to be about 50% Sicilian, which isn t what everyone expects from an Italian cookbook A recipe for fresh tuna meatballs in tomato sauce inspired me to check this book out, but the dish is also on his website The other new ideas were roasted squash with cinnamon and chile and a sort of spumoni rice pudding A 35 cover price requires a little , however Some of the photos will be offputting to some He shows recently butchered animals, and not just fish They also used unripe tomatoes in several shots the recipes did call for ripe , which aren t at all appetizing.