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↠´ Read ↠´ Journey Into Oneness - Into a Timeless Realm by Michael J Roads Î I liked how relatable the narrative was, even as it delved into esoteric subjects A great read for anyone looking into the question of who they really are gives you plenty to think about.
A very different perspective and one that certainly challenged by beliefs about what I thought of as alternative realities It is a mind expanding read written in an easy almost conversational style I have thoroughly enjoyed this book as it is quite unlike any other I have read and am looking to reading of Michael s books and attending one of his workshops Two Of Michael Roads Ever Popular books, Journey Into Oneness And Into A Timeless Realm, Are Perfectly Combined Here In One Volume This Is An Ideal Companion To Michael S Classic Reader, Talking With Nature Journey Into Nature Journey Into Nature Of All My Earlier Works, This Is The Book That So Many People Have Said Ah, Probably My Favorite It S A Book That Transcends Physical Reality And The Way We Normally Experience Life In My Light Body, I M Taken Into One Metaphysical Adventure After Another, All Leading Toward The Experience Of Oneness In The Second Book, Into A Timeless Realm, I Awaken One Night Conscious Of Being In A Duality A Light Body Me And The Physical Me I View Many Possible Futures, As I Am Lead By The Source Ever Deeper Into Other Realities All Leading Me To Accept That We Are On A Journey That Far Transcends Our Present Understanding Of Life As always Michael Roads touches your heart I consider him one of the teachers sent to me by my GURU for which i am always grateful When i read his books i feel i am travelling with him and his numerous friends at some level.
I read this book at a friend s on Maui on a quasi spiritual retreat It was so lovely I had to track down a copy for myself Not only is the book inspirational, but it really explained through the story certain spiritual concepts that I had studied but couldn t yet grasp.
Contained in this book is a lot of wisdom and truth, which really helped me put my life s in perspective.
The most advanced woman I have ever heard of in our time Anastasia from the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series also taught very advanced techniques and made comments upon the nature of plants identical or very similar to Michael in this book Thus from two very advanced individuals not connected yet saying very similar things about the Nature of reality especially related to plants This book is a Godsend to seekers after truth and the entire Nature reality This cannot but help to expand our universal paradigm into vastly greater heights Praise to the author for the courage to publish such pioneering experiences into expanding consciousness We can make our world a paradise I Love it because of the self less honest integrity and Love of the Author for all life.
I was ready for the experience of Michael Roads, he took me farther into the concept of Oneness than anyone else has so far I bought seven of these as gifts for friends who are on the spiritual path.

Michael Roads incarnated to share the many dimensions available to a person of pure heart The oneness of creation can be explored through a drop of water, a blade of grass and a love Lecture des plus inspirantes.
Incredible, mind expanding and life affirming.