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[ Read Online Journey to the Ragged Islands: Sailing Solo Through The Bahamas ✓ drinking PDF ] by Paul Trammell ✓ I just finished this fantastic book I found the book to be thrilling with a nice blend of adventure and risk Personally, I got inspired by what the author has accomplished and what he is planning to do I ll be gifting this to my adventure and goal seeking friends Highly recommend I only say this because the first book seemed to be about diving and fish than sailing This book however met my expectations on the sailing level and just the right amount of diving and adventure I would recommend.
Paul, I like the writing, but I wished you d incorporated maps of the keys and cays and coves you d visited, within the book The amateur map you put in the beginning does give a big picture, so to speak, but that s all it does It s tough to even read, in the Kindle edition Likewise, I wished you d have taken the little bit of time it takes to include a simple Table of contents It would make reading and navigating within the book a whole lot easier for the reader Thank you.
Through unrelenting spray while beating to windward as well as the rhythmic motion of riding wing on wing downwind, Paul takes you on his journey from his home port of America s oldest city, St Augustine, FL through the many islands, inhabited and otherwise, that make up The Bahamas As a sailor, I appreciated the insightful knowledge that Paul drops throughout the book, and as a lover of adventure, I enjoyed the lively and detailed descriptions of his encounters with sharks, abandoned ruins, coral reefs, and surfing waves that few ever get to even see, let alone ride.
Paul s take on this adventure was inspiring This book was an easy read and felt like a friend telling you all about the adventure that he had just returned from Although Paul is obviously a competent sailor, he is also not afraid to share some of his mistakes what he should have done differently which makes him seem even genuine I enjoyed this one so much that I also read Paul s prior book Becoming a Sailor and it was just as good Just like most of my sailor friends would say the hardest part of the journey is casting off those dock lines

We are sailing through many of the same islands in the Bahamas which the author chronicled, and I found his writings accurate and inspiring I especially appreciate his honesty, rather than taking poetic license Also there was something about his tone which helped invite me in to enjoy everything with him.
Wow Great book I enjoy truthful, simple adventures told in the first person, with everyday language and descriptions.
I liked his sense of humor I especially enjoyed his recanting of misadventures and beautiful descriptions of the underworld seas, fishes and coral Perfect Thanks Paul Loved the book a great journey lived thru Paul will help me plan a similar journey of my own one dayDefinitely recommend it This account of a cruising adventure will most obviously appeal to other sailors, particularly those a little earlier in their career than Paul Trammell from whom they can learn something He has a knack for including just enough detail to be interesting to us informavores, while keeping the narrative interesting Anyone however with no particular interest in sailing, but with an orientation towards the real world aka nature or the outdoors will find themselves identifying with Paul s responses to what he encounters There is a charming freshness to many of the incidents described, with a real sense that the writer is trying to be as open and unguarded as he can, both in his daily experiences while sailing, and in writing about those experiences.
A very nice read, and a definite lure for the reader to try something similar themselves you could read the book as a call to freedom and a fuller engagement with reality.
The Bahamas Is A Nation With About One Thousand Islands And Cays, Many Of Which Are Remote And Uninhabited The Unique Geography Of The Bahamas Includes Shallow Banks And Coral Reefs As Well As Water Over Feet Deep Scattered About The Banks Are Blue Holes, Vertical Caves That Often Lead Down To Underwater Cave Systems Blue Holes Are Incredible Places To Freedive Barrier Reefs Between The Deep Ocean And The Islands Often Produce Excellent Surfing Waves The Water Is Full Of Wildlife, Including Hundreds Of Species Of Tropical Fish, Sharks, Rays, Eels, Turtles, And Whales I Set Out From Jacksonville, Florida, To Explore Some Of The Most Remote Islands In March And April Of Sailing Alone In Sobrius, My Sailboat, A Dufour Arpege I Dove On Coral Reefs Almost Every Day, As Well As Five Or Six Blue Holes I Surfed Three Point Breaks, And I Found Much Adventure Than I Ever Expected I Documented The Journey In This, My Third Book, Journey To The Ragged Islands I Also Am Documenting The Journey On My YouTube Channel, Paul Trammell, In A Series Of Videos In Addition To Dramatic And Immersive Prose Describing The Joys And Difficulties Of The Journey, I Also Include A Lot Of Singlehanded Sailing Technique, As Well As Descriptions Of The Islands I Visited And GPS Coordinates Of All The Places I Dropped Anchor Islands I Visited Include Eleuthera, Cat Island, Long Island, The Jumentos Cays, The Ragged Islands, Rum Cay, Conception Island, And The Exuma Cays I Hope You Enjoy The Book As Much As I Enjoyed Writing It