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Download Epub Format ☆ Katharine of Aragon PDF by Ä Jean Plaidy What I really enjoy about Plaidy s work is her respect for the known or documented history of the time that she writes about she faithfully depicts the era in this novel I enjoyed reading about events that have been documented in nonfiction sources I found Katherine to be an interesting and sympathetic subject I felt sorry for what she was made to suffer but I also was able to see her as an admirable woman who would not easily be victimized She stood up for herself, as much as she could, against the tyranny of Henry and the maliciousness of Anne Boelyne This book is a compilation of several of Plaidy s earlier novels, so, if you have read any of them, as I had already read Katherine of Aragon parts of this novel will just be a review for you Again I will say Plaidy is well worth the read and is far superior, in content, to some what is currently being offered in this genre.
Very good book about the life of Henry VIII s first wife This book is really 3 books in 1, with the first book beginning with Katherine s coming to England to marry Arthur, who will one day be king when his father, Henry VII, dies The book continues with Katherine marry Henry when Arthur dies, though it is several years later Katherine is kept waiting for years in England until Henry finally decides he wants to marry her, basically because all of his advisors warn him not to do so The marriage is, at first, very loving, with Henry and Katherine constantly being together They try, unsuccessfully, again and again to conceive an heir Henry s eye soon wanders to another, Lady Bessie Blount, who proceeds to give Henry a son Katherine finally gives birth to a daughter, but Henry and Katherine continue to grow further apart The Roman Catholic Church and the Pope both dislike Henry, and will not grant his request for a divorce Finally, Henry gets the divorce he wants because he basically makes himself the Supreme Ruler of the Church of England Katherine is sent away so that Henry can marry Ann Boleyn, who despises Katherine and her daughter, Mary At the end of the book, Katherine dies with her best friend and former lady in waiting It can be seen that Katherine of Aragon was a proud lady who alwyas tried to do what was best for her country of Spain,and later for both Henry and England, even though it was not always to her benefit Much sympathy could be felt for Katherine in all of the trials she had to endure, especially with the King s treatment of her once he grew tired of her This book was a little long, but well worth the read For The First Time In Paperback All Three Of Jean Plaidy S Katharine of Aragon Novels In One VolumeLegendary Historical Novelist Jean Plaidy Begins Her Tales Of Henry VIII S Queens With The Story Of His First Wife, The Spanish Princess Katharine of AragonAs A Teenager, Katharine Leaves Her Beloved Spain, Land Of Olive Groves And Soaring Cathedrals, For The Drab, Rainy Island Of England There She Is Married To The King S Eldest Son, Arthur, A Sickly Boy Who Dies Six Months After The Wedding Katharine Is Left A Widow Who Was Never Truly A Wife, Lonely In A Strange Land, With A Very Bleak Future Her Only Hope Of Escape Is To Marry The King S Second Son, Prince Henry, Now Heir To The Throne Tall, Athletic, Handsome, A Lover Of Poetry And Music, Henry Is All That Katharine Could Want In A Husband But Their First Son Dies And, After Many Pregnancies, Only One Child Survives, A Daughter Disappointed By His Lack Of An Heir, Henry S Eye Wanders, And He Becomes Enad Of Another Woman A Country Nobleman S Daughter Named Anne Boleyn When Henry Begins Searching For Ways To Put Aside His Loyal First Wife, Katharine Must Fight To Remain Queen Of England And To Keep The Husband She Once Loved So Dearly It was a long investment in time and it would have ranked much higher if it had only been a bit shorter But it wasn t until after the reading that I learned it is actually 3 books in one But that is what happens when you read on the Kindle As I was reading the scale in which I planned to score this went anywhere from a 2 5 So if you like a lot of history in your Historical Fiction then you will enjoy.
I m not sure if it was the translation issue or something else, but this is seriously boring I did gave it a try, quite a few times and it was really annoying, so I honestly give up on reading it further.
Katherine of Aragon is actually a trilogy of books that were originally published separately, but have now been combined into one volume, with each book representing a separate part As I read it, I thanked God that it had been combined like it was.
At times I really loved this book, at times I really hated it The first part was incredibly slow for me The period between Katherine arriving in England and marrying Arthur, the period between Arthurs death and Katherine marrying Henry both dragged on for ages When it finally wrapped up and I realized that the slow begining of this book had been an entire stand alone novel at one point I wondered how anyone had ever read it as that The second part was my favorite maybe because it was about the portion of Katherine s life when she was actually happy I thought Plaidy s knowledge of the time period and Katherine s relationship with Henry was outstanding.
The third book started off very well, but ended up even slower than the first book Katherine and Henry s estrangement the time between when he attempted to divorce her and the time that he actually married Anne Boleyn in real life lasted about 8 years Reading about it felt like three times that.
Jean Plaidy seemed to be very sympathetic towards Katherine, so much so that I d be interested to see how she portrays Anne Boleyn Overall, I think it was a good, solid portrayal of Katherine s life I would have rated it 3.
5 stars were half stars allowed By far my favorite book on Katharine of Aragon This is actually three books combined into one and was a page turner I have read many books on Queen Katharine but I feel I came to know her the best through Jean Plaidy s wonderful novel.

Katharine of Aragon, by Jean Plaidy Katharine of Aragon, by Jean Plaidy, is actually an omnibus of the author s three previous novels about Henry VIII s first queen The books are Katharine, the Virgin Widow, The Shadow of the Pomegranate, and The King s Secret Matter So this volume is a great deal, as you re really getting three books for the price of one.
Plaidy is an excellent historical fiction writer I d seen her recommended several times, and was eager to read something of hers Katharine happens to be a favorite figure of mine, but Plaidy has written novels on just about anyone you could want to read about in English history Katharine, the Virgin Widow focuses on the young princess and her first marriage to Henry s brother, Arthur The book starts with Katharine s journey from Spain to England I would have liked to see Plaidy write some scenes from the princess s life before England references are made to her previous life quite a bit, and it would have been nice to read some of them, rather than just get a line or two of memories But otherwise, a great book, that introduces readers the different players in the English monarchy and politics The Shadow of the Pomegranate continues Katharine s story after her marriage to Henry VIII, and focuses on her difficulty to conceive an heir The King s Secret Matter finishes Katharine s sad tale, recounting Henry s efforts to divorce his wife and marry Anne Boleyn Plaidy captures Katharine s dignity and fight to remain a queen through all of Henry s machinations to set her aside Plaidy pens an engrossing story of Katharine of Argaon, one that fans of historical Tudor fiction will surely enjoy I ll definitely be picking up of her novels, because I think they are great introductions for periods or people I m unfamiliar with 4 5.
5 starsI ve heard a lot of good stuff about Jean Plaidy s books, and to be honest I was disappointed I think historical fiction is a very hard genre to write about you ve got to keep the story interesting, but also stay true to the facts I think Plaidy did a lot of the latter than the former.
I m not one of those people who are obsessed with everything in a historical novel being totally accurate I like it to be or less true, with emphasis on the story than the history That s why I wasn t very keen on this trilogy The characters were bland and insipid, the speech was awkward and stilted, and there were way too many info dumps I won t be reading any of this author s work in the future.
Whew This is a big, long book it s really three books in one I enjoyed it overall, even if it seemed a bit familiar The characters are well developed if a bit familiar in their portrayal and the plot moves along nicely throughout I will continue reading the series