¹ Knifemaking: A Complete Guide to Crafting Knives, Handles & Sheaths ✓ Download by å Bo Bergman

¹ Knifemaking: A Complete Guide to Crafting Knives, Handles & Sheaths ✓ Download by å Bo Bergman Bo Bergman might not yet be known outside Scandinavia, but here he has been one of the brightest shining stars in the area of creative knifemaking for over a decade His book Knifemaking is a compilation of two of his bestselling books and it contains all the things you need to know to become a passionate craftsman.
The instructions are very easy to follow and a lot of pictures and illustrations guide you through all the steps Througout the text you can really tell that Bo Bergman not only knows what he is talking about, but also that he also loves what he is doing.
I highly recommend this book to anyone that wishes to express themselves through a very beautyful and long lasting art.
Useful book if you are into making blades, this is not the book for ya it might seems to be, but it isn t, it doesn t include instruction for making the blades itself For me, it s likely to be a wood working process rather than making knives itself.
If you are fond of decorating your knives sheats and handles, this is the book for you it discusses about handles and sheats than the blade itself, it s a little bit frustrating because we don t usually have complete resources for blades, so making blades is really a need, and it even says complete guide to reminder for those, that you might consider this book a second option coz the title and contents itself seems to be misleading.

A trifle expensive, not many colour plates but written by the man who is the epitome of the craft Covers how to make a quality knife and sheath without forges, hammers, heat treatments etc Eye opening and worth the money I have several books on how to make puukko knives, but this one is by far the most detailed It should still be noticed that one should not expect a complete list of all possible ways to do all the different steps handle, bolster, sheath, etc , but what it shows comes with all those important little details that will help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
Includes Step By Step Instructions For Ten Projects, Including Information On Decorating Handles And Sheaths, Grinding And Honing, And Knife Care Techniques