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✓ Read ✓ Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore ↠´ I highly enjoyed walking along through the younger years of Biff and Joshua aka Jeebus.
Reminded me of a religious remake of Forrest Gump mixed with a Kevin Smith script.
I probably could have done without the interruptions from present day Biff and Raziel, but I get the point of having them.
Totally enjoyed this when I first bought it Am re reading it and still find it funny an enjoyable read Why couldn t some of this have happened we don t know.
Wow What a great surprise One of the best books I ve ever read Hilarious, but also, if you think between the lines , there s some real thought provoking insights into religions, particularly how the main ones kind of fit together I laughed, I gasped, I cried, and I thought about it a lot for a long time after.
This is my second time reading it and I can see myself reading it over and over Sooooo funny if you have a sense of humour about the bible and religion So glad I have a copy to myself now.
A fun read that bounces through parts of the gospel and is filled in equal parts with adolescent humor and lust.
An excellent book, but if you re buying this edition you probably already know that This is a very very pretty tome.
The Birth Of Jesus Has Been Well Chronicled, As Have His Glorious Teachings, Acts, And Divine Sacrifice After His Thirtieth Birthday But No One Knows About The Early Life Of The Son Of God, The Missing Years Except Biff, The Messiah S Best Bud, Who Has Been Resurrected To Tell The Story In The Divinely Hilarious Yet Heartfelt Work Reminiscent Of Vonnegut And Douglas Adams Philadelphia InquirerVerily, The Story Biff Has To Tell Is A Miraculous One, Filled With Remarkable Journeys, Magic, Healings, Kung Fu, Corpse Reanimations, Demons, And Hot Babes Even The Considerable Wiles And Devotion Of The Savior S Pal May Not Be Enough To Divert Joshua From His Tragic Destiny But There S No One Who Loves Josh Except Maybe Maggie, Mary Of Magdala And Biff Isn T About To Let His Extraordinary Pal Suffer And Ascend Without A Fight