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[Lisl Dennis] ☆ Living in Morocco: Design from Casablanca to Marrakesh [world-of-darkness PDF] Read Online Ç Interior Design And Styles Of Living In Morocco Are Presented In This Illustrated Text Awesome book Highly recommended Great service.
I actually purchased this book for a gift to give to my friend who has been to Morocco I was very pleased with the look of the book and the price.

This is a stunning book I love Moroccan houses so I am a little biased The colours and patterns used are really beautiful, and the various techniques used to apply them, are described in detail All the crafts used are illustrated these include pottery and textiles Even the clothes worn by the Moroccans are shown, as are buildings and the villages and towns they are found in.
I have in the past bought Tashcen books such as MOroccan INteriors and LIving in Morocco and they are just beautiful for capturing the designs, architecture, styles that are delights to be found in the diverse culture and lifestyles in Morocco and I believe the reason many people not just artists decide to go live their dreams of living amongst all the colour in Morocco and it really Is such a joy to find this book as well This is a magnificent book as it captures so beautifully by including so many, many photos of wonderful quality and insight combined with insightful writing and information for the reader.
I bought this in case I do go ahead with building and decorating a guesthouse and totally recommend this book it is extremely useful for having before a wonderful range of traditional designs and styles amongst the diverse range of tribes and people groups that give Morocco such a wonderful character and flavour as a country to visit, explore or move into to live in.