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↠´ Read ↠´ Long Range Shooting Handbook: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Precision Rifle Shooting by Ryan M Cleckner ↠´ This Book Is The Complete Beginner S Guide To Long Range Shooting Written In Simple Every Day Language So That It S Easy To Follow Included Are Personal Tips And Best Advice From My Years Of Special Operations Sniper Schooling And Experience, And As A Sniper Instructor If You Are An Experienced Shooter, This Guide Will Be A Resource Covering The Principles And Theory Of Long Range Shooting This Is The Preliminary Book To Help You Understand Fundamental Concepts Such As MOA Vs Mils And External Ballistics, That Can Be Like A Trusted Resource At The RangeLearning To Shoot Long Range Isn T That Difficult Once You Understand The Basics, You Can Start To Master Your Technique And You Ll Be Hitting Targets In No Time The Author Has A Series Of Online Instructional Videos Known For Their Ability To Take Seemingly Complex Areas Of Long Range Shooting And Breaking Them Down So That They Re Easy To Understand This Book Was Motivated By The Feedback From Those Videos The Handbook Is Broken Down Into Three Main Categories What It Is How It Works, Fundamentals, And How To Use It What It Is How It Works Covers Equipment, Terminology, And Basic Principles Fundamentals Covers The Theory Of Long Range Shooting How To Use It Gives You Practical Advice On How To Implement What You Ve Learned So Far To Make You A Long Range Shooter A must read for the beginner interested in rifle shooting, and an excellent reference for the experienced shooter This is one of the best books on precision rifle I ve seen Fundamentals are well covered, and Ryan s tough love style delivers excellent advice.
I m a short range benchrest competitor, and while we approach the sport a little differently, still I found myself agreeing with the principles throughout the book This is sage advice that would benefit anyone in the shooting sports.
Ok book Though numerous errors Such as Coriolis effect in Northern hemisphere affects bullets trajectory to the right In the book it s to the left Important info like that should not be overlooked in long range shooting, since it could possibly affect bullets impact be several inches.
It s a good summary of all I could get from the Internet about long range shooting, and shooting in general It shows the main informations, and it s up to you to go deeper in other references I have learned a lot of things, but also that I need to learn In other words, it shows you the map high level so you can know where you are Would buy again, will read it a second time for sure Thanks Ryan Arrived very quick The book is what I expected.
Now I have not read it, but given 5 stars as from what I have glanced at flipping through the pages, it s worth the price I m very happy with this purchase5 stars for how it was shipped and how quickly I received it, 5 for quality of the used book I have read tons of books on long distance shooting and this one is simply the most complete on the subject.
Take your time, read well, and you will learn plenty of important information on how to shoot long distance.
Love this book, if I had to keep only one that would be it It was a good book I knew some aspects of long range shooting, but this book had some great nuggets of information in it.
I like how the author kept it basic and used his real world experience to dispel some shooting myths.
Don t expect it teach you all the intricacies of long range shooting It is designed for beginners Great tips on how to setup your rifle.
read this cover to cover Author is knowledgable and has a good writing style easy to read and understand and very accessible Lots of really good advice in this book good as a reference without being overly technical Could be considered to be a bit basic in parts for folks already into the subject, but as a guide for all levels of experience that s fine just skip to the bits you re interested in That said I ve been into the sport for a while and still got a lot out of reading it all Will look out for other publications by this dude he knows his stuff and shares it effectively Recommended Some the information was very basic which is good for brand new shooters What the book covers is done well but I feel it stops short of being complete The end caught me by surprise with it just starting the appendix with no conclusion I suppose I just wish the book was longer and included some practice ideas and training scenarios I understand there is a second book for advanced shooters that may be what I was missing Ebook price is well worth it, paper copy would have been a bit overpriced.
One of the better books on riflecraft for both the shooter starting out, and the experienced enthusiast Good well presented and factual, none of the myths and nonsense you find in a lot of text books, just clearly explained and practical guidance from a man who not only know his art better than most but also knows how to teach and train people