Trailer ↠´ Making Doll House Miniatures with Polymer Clay PDF by ä Sue Heaser

Trailer ↠´ Making Doll House Miniatures with Polymer Clay PDF by ä Sue Heaser Lovely and helpful book So many pictures and ideas to let your creative side shine And an even better purchase as it was through Oxfam books, so the money went to a good cause Sue Heaser is a master at making mini accessories This book is brimming with projects and ideas, whether it s plumbing, pottery or plants I was eager to begin making minis immediately after first looking through the book and have found that I can apply a lot of the tips Heaser gives to my other non miniature clay works.
If you have any interest in making small scale polymer clay items, then this book is a must have Here S The Definitive Guide To Manufacturers, Tools, Safety, And Crafting See How To Intermix Colored Clays To Obtain An Even Wider Range Of Hues, And The Different Types Of Paints And Varnishesfor Adornment Techniques For Softening The Clay, Balling And Rolling It, Working With A Knife, And Sanding Will Assure Good Results Doll Castle News I was familiar with this book from the library and was thrilled to find a copy in a condition and price that made it possible to own a copy of my own.
I read through the reviews before purchasing and I have one other book by this author also, for miniatures in clay It is difficult for me to criticise specific projects, knowing that the author may well read this Creative endeavours are sometimes taken so personally.
Some projects look amazing For instance, some of the dishes really are paper thin not so the tea set though And the cake platter appears to be very well done The tea set isn t terrible, just a tad thick And, as for the bathroom set, well I would rather clean and fire a set in ceramics Reviewers went on about the wood stove Personally, I would not present a stove like this to a child for their dollhouse let alone for an adults Sorry, but I simply wouldn t However, I might use her ideas as a stepping off point for one of my own and I would probably owe her a good deal of credit.
I like that she uses some less expensive ways to make things For instance, her drizzled chocolate acrylic paint and a varnish as opposed to some of the Japanese clays designed specifically for this And, the results look amazing especially, for the profiteroles I will make the cruet set and I love what she did with the hobby horse The wooden cheese tray is, I think, well done The carnations look especially well done and I will use her instructions and pictures for the Tiffany lamp as a stepping off point I might give hers to a child for their dollhouse.
There is much of value in this book and obviously, many others are not nearly as critical of it as I, and it has gone into reprint If half stars were allowed I would have given it 3.
5 That said, it is still a valuable resource and I will refer to it It is valuable for ideas and stepping off points, if nothing else, and it is likely that some projects will be of use to the reader.
I have never been disappointed with any of the books from this author She does an oustanding job of showing how to make a diverse range of miniatures in this book, from different kinds of food all the way to a wood burning stove It has beautiful color pictures of the projects and easy to follow instructions If you are a zealous miniaturist,you will not be disappointed I made myself a miniature drugstore since I am a pharmacist and I had trouble finding things like mortars and cylinders Thanks to this book I managed to make the most beautiful look alike mortars with pestles and all, also a little turn of the century last century, of course telephone The directions are precise and you can really get what you are looking for and I had never touched polymer clay in my life

I am a 1 12th dolls house collector, and this book gives you so many ideas working with Polymer Clay They show you how to make so many things from Food , furniture, accessories and toys I love the book, the instructions are so clear to follow, giving you step by step stages Bon livre very informative