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[ Read Online Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School ñ jewellery PDF ] by Andrew Hallam ð The Millionaire Teacher is a book for all kinds of investors, especially young investors about getting started to invest in the stock and bond market while keeping fees and commissions to a minimum.
The Author focuses solely on buying index funds and index ETFs this keeping your portfolio simple yet diversified.
Therefore this is not a book for picking stocks or mutual funds or getting rich quick.
It is a well researched book with citations after each chapter I believe the author is honest in his approach However just like everything in life, what suits one investor may not be wholly effective for another.
The 2016 version is updated to include Indexing strategies for Canadians, British, Australians and Singaporeans The author has done a great job in researching each market and providing relevant information Though I feel fund recommendations will need frequent updating with market conditions.
The book is a keeper for me.
Most People Wouldn T Expect A Schoolteacher To Amass A Million Dollar Investment Account But Andrew Hallam Did So, Long Before The Typical Retirement Age And Now, With Millionaire Teacher, He Wants To Show You How To Follow In His Footsteps With Lively Humor And The Simple Clarity You D Expect From A Gifted Educator, Hallam Demonstrates How Average People Can Build Wealth In The Stock Market By Shunning The Investment Products Peddled By Most Financial Advisors And Avoiding The Get Rich Quicker Products Concocted By An Ever Widening, Self Serving Industry Using Low Cost Index Funds, Coupled With A Philosophy In Line With The One That Made Warren Buffett A Multi Billionaire, Hallam Guides Listeners To Understand How The Stock And Bond Markets Really Work, Arming You With A Psychological Advantage For When Markets Fall Shows Why Young Investors Should Hope For Stock Market Crashes If They Want To Get Rich Explains How You Can Spend Just Minutes A Year On Your Investments, Never Open A Financial Paper, Avoid Investment News, And Still Leave Most Professional Investors In The Dust Promotes A Unique New Investment Methodology That Combines Low Cost Index Funds And A Warren Buffett Esque Investment Philosophy Millionaire Teacher Explains How Any Middle Income Individual Can Learn The ABCs Of Personal Finance And Become A Multi Millionaire, From A Schoolteacher Who Has Been There And Done That Easy to read Practical advice that is easy to apply Backs up investment ideas with facts that are easy to understand for investors of any level I agree with the author that this concept should be presented to everyone starting in high school considering today s average level of financial literacy is low However if you re looking to beat the market, this is not the book for you.
Great introductory book to personal finance If you ve ever wondered how that guy with the average paying job down the straight has so much money, this book is for you It s a fantastic introduction to how to invest on your own behalf, and STOP asking your local bank for their recommendations.
The only person that benefits from your success in investing is you so you need to learn how to manage your money yourself for the best results Since I bought this book in late 2014, I ve made over a 10% return on my portfolio while making buy sell orders on less than 5 occasions Hallam will teach you how to structure a similar portfolio, why crashes are some of the best things that can happen to you, and how to hedge against risk as you grow older to retire in comfort I happen to agree with the author this should be taught in grade school.
If you re looking for something simpler check out Rich Dad Poor Dad If you re looking for something complex try The Intelligent Investor.

Although I have purchased a lot of books from , this is the first time I have thought about writing a brief review If you have not started investing, this is a must have book Even if you have started investing, this still is a must have book The author minces no words in quest for political correctness and drives the point home in simple and effective manner Further, the advice is backed by solid academic and real world market evidence I came out feeling absolutely confident after reading this Please go for it You will not regret it.
This is a book I wish I read 10 years ago or as soon as it was released It s a guide to simple financial freedom, no magic tricks or get rich quick scheme Sound financial advice for everyone at any stage of life but specially for young people who are even less aware or interested in what the future holds If you have a teenager in your life this is a gift they will never forget, same goes for people in their 20 s If you re past these years, this will also work for you, a lot better than any bank ever will You just won t have the same amount of time to make your savings grow but nevertheless, better than any other advice you ll ever get Happy savings