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Download Epub Format ð Miriam's Song PDF by ✓ Miriam Peretz I cant stop crying It is very sad and yet very inspirational I loved this book Miriam is such a remarkable woman such an inspiration to everyone I Highly recommend this book The Story Of Miriam Peretz S Life The Story Of A Mother And A Homeland Of Love For The Land Of Israel, The State Of Israel, And The Jewish People And Of The Victory Of Spirit And FaithFirst Lieutenant Uriel Peretz, Commander Of A Golani Brigade Special Forces Unit, Dreamed Of Becoming The First Moroccan Chief Of Staff Of The IDF But His Mother Miriam Sensed That Her Oldest Son Would Not Leave Lebanon Safely On The Day He Was Drafted, She Became A Woman Waiting For News Of DisasterIn November , Uriel Was Fatally Wounded By An Explosive Device Planted By Hezbollah Terrorists He Was Miriam Transformed The Pain Over His Death Into Education And Volunteer Service She Began To Visit Schools And Military Bases, Talking About Her Son S Leadership Vision Tragically, In March Miriam Was Forced To Face Another Test Her Second Son, Major Eliraz Peretz, Was Killed In An Exchange Of Fire In The Gaza Strip He Died Almost Twelve Years After He Had Eulogized His Older Brother Sometimes We Pay A Price For Doing The Right Thing The Price Of Life Eliraz, Who Was , Left Behind A Wife And Four Children, Including A Baby Just Two Months OldOvernight, The Mother Who Lost Two Sons As Well As Her Husband, Whose Heart Couldn T Bear The Death Of His Oldest Son Became A Symbol Of Grief And Of StrengthIn December , IDF Chief Of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi Awarded Her A Medal Of Appreciation He Said Miriam S Ability To Continue To Express Her Deep Pain And Channel It Into A Contribution To The Education And Formation Of Future Generations, Serves As An Example And Model Of Inspiration For Us All Miriam s Song tells so much of the Israel story from the experiences of one family Miriam and her family arrive in Israel from a very foreign land to build a life and pursue the Zionist dream Along the way there is abundant love and tragedy Through it all the family stays positive Rather than wallow in their losses, they choose to remember their fallen ones and grow as people It was a pleasure and honor to be welcomed into this family for a few hundred pages.
I saw Miriam Peretz speak and she has a heartbreaking yet inspiring and wonderful Song A very inspiring story.
Loved the book Ultra emotional and true love of land of Israel Strong family love for each other Miriams song is the most unbelievable book inspirational would highly recommend reading Miriams song

An inspiring book for all to read In the face of death and loss, Miriam chose life and showed the resilience and fighting spirit deeply embedded in Jewish nation To quote her When you leave the door to life open to the world, you allow joy and love to come inside into you It s not easy to leave that door open when death is fresh All you feel like doing is closing yourself up, disappearing But in my experience, when the door of life is open, when the door of the heart is wide open, rays of light filter through, and they help you grow stronger Her choice not only strengthened and comforted her fellow countrymen, but also reflected her deep and sincere relationship with God which spilled over to others as they encountered the Light of the world in her.
I heard of this book from a periscope by Avi in Jerusalem and had to get the book I m only on Chapter 5 and it s hard to put down This is an amazing story of Miriam and her joy and pain and of the Jewish culture I find myself looking up some words most can be understood by the context that I am not familiar with though and would recommend a brief explanation in future versions for example as a non Jew I did not know that a moshav was a rural Jewish settlement I would recommend this book to everyone.