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[Boris Strugatsky] Ô Monday Starts on Saturday [literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download ß I m not sure what to make of this book really, other than I gave up about 1 4 of the way in It was just too weird without being exciting A bit Alice in Wonderland Without too much of the wonder for me anyway I don t think I ll restart it, too many other books to try and limited time In the words of Boris himself frivolous a skit This book is a major disappointment It is unnecessary, meandering and pointless There are some very funny moments and to me one laugh out loud moment, but they in no way make up for the general sense that this is plainly not a well developed story I became an instant fan of Roadside Picnic this was a major letdown I am starting Definitely Maybe now Let s see how that one goes.
A bit of a romp by the Strugatsky brothers where they spin out a short story idea into a novel in which the story merely serves to connect together the jokes and whimsy The translator has done a marvelous job of finding ways of transforming Russian puns such as the abbreviation of the two organisations into English, but I am sure that I am missing many, many puns that would require a basic knowledge of Russian and Russian mythology.
This book gave me my idealism back I am peddling it to literally everyone I know.
The cover has absolutely nothing to do with the story, though, the publishers are just cashing in on the communist aesthetic.
Without illustrations, but I personally don t mind that much.

Weirdly weird and imaginative, but lacks a gripping story line and thought provoking imagery during what I think would be crucial times, but otherwise a very good book Great book I have red it about 40 years ago and now my daughter enjoys it.
This is my third favourite novel so I m glad I can now buy copies for all my friends Hopefully this new 2016 edition will help bring it out of its undeserved obscurity.
I d given this edition 4.
9 if I could since this new translation has some oddities E.
G My 1977 DAW books edition says hours, minutes, seconds and tertia where the SFM edition says hours, minutes, seconds and third though they both include a definition of tertium in their glossary The SFM edition consistently refers to water of life as living water I had to look ughu up on Google Translate.
Anyway, it s still a great book.
The postscript supposedly written by the protagonist has an extra section in the SFM edition, commenting on the illustrations which is odd because the book doesn t have any illustrations The DAW edition only had one, not counting the much relevant cover There s also a postscript by Boris Strugatsky about how the book was written.
Sasha, A Young Computer Programmer From Leningrad, Is Driving Through The Forests Of Northwest Russia To Meet Up With Some Friends For A Nature Vacation He Picks Up A Couple Of Local Hitchhikers, Who Persuade Him To Come Work With Them At The National Institute For The Technology Of Witchcraft And Thaumaturgy, Or NITWiT The Adventures Sasha Has In The Largely Dysfunctional Institute Involve All Sorts Of Magical Beings And Devicesa Wish Granting Fish, A Talking Cat Who Can Remember Only The Beginnings Of Stories, A Sofa That Translates Fairy Tales Into Reality, A Motorcycle That Can Zoom Into The Imagined Future, A Hungry Dog Size Mosquitoalong With A Variety Of Wizards Including Merlin , Vampires, And Petty Bureaucrats First Published In Russia In , Monday Starts on Saturday Has Become The Most Popular Strugatsky Novel In The Authors Homeland Like The Works Of Gogol And Kafka, It Tackles The Nature Of Institutionshere Focusing On One Devoted To Discovering And Perfecting Human Happiness By Turns Wildly Imaginative, Hilarious, And Disturbing, Monday Starts on Saturday Is A Comic Masterpiece By Two Of The Worlds Greatest Science Fiction Writers